Mazda Car Club of Queensland Car Show

Rotaries are big in Australia, the preferred vehicle of choice for road warriors and hoons alike. From achingly mint restorations to massive-horsepower drag monsters shod in 18-inch rims, the land down under has got it all. For a sampling of the pistonless potpourri available there, take a look at the Mazda Car Club of Queensland’s Car Show last weekend. Thanks to B1500boy from our Vegemite Sandwich Bureau, owner of over 50 nostalgic Mazdas and counting, for the pics!

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4 Responses to Mazda Car Club of Queensland Car Show

  1. Mike says:

    “pistonless potpourri” Hahaha.

    But eh. Aussie rotary scene is definitely not what I’d consider a highlight or representative of the Australian Japanese classic car scene. Kudos, as always, to the effort that goes into them—but definitely a rubbish aesthetic.

  2. colinknowles says:

    some great pictures on the link

  3. B1500boy says:

    Thanks Ben for the link, great day was had by all. Assuming you’re not a Mazda/rotary man there Mike?

  4. Kimico says:

    Great Event! We have some events for Mazdas here in Florida and Puerto Rico also.

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