Mazda Assembly Lines Through the Ages

Straight outta Hiroshima, let’s take a journey through Mazda’s assembly lines over the years. The above is a 1980 plant churning out the SA22C RX-7 Savanna by the boatload.

1957 three-wheeler.

1959 K360 and T2000.

1960 R360.

1963 1200 MPA Coupe, two millionth car built.

1978 RX-7, one millionth rotary engine.

1985 Cosmo HB, ten millionth car built.

1988 assembly line. Guess the car!

[Images: Mazda 90th]

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12 Responses to Mazda Assembly Lines Through the Ages

  1. E-AT_me says:

    how come the 1960 photo looks like a ghost town? as for 88, i’d say RX7, but i think it’s a cosmo.

  2. w says:

    Not a familia rotary coupe btw

  3. TommyJ says:

    The Mazda plant is a great place to visit in Japan. The admission is free as long as you make an appointment. You get to see the assembly line plus the auto museum, featuring som awesome historic cars such as the 4-rotor 787.

  4. Nigel says:

    Cosmo AP !!?? What type of truck cab is that in front of the R360 (1960) ??

  5. MazdaClassic says:

    As sad above, photo saying that car is a (1963 Familia Rotary Coupe) is wrong.
    – Car in the photo is a Mazda 1200 MPA model, very rare and nice Coupe.

    Nice pictures buy the way…

  6. r100guy says:

    The truck cab is a D1500 commercial truck which I think was their first 4 wheel truck.

  7. Ben says:

    Corrected! Thanks, Mazdafarians!

  8. DerrickS says:

    1988? Big car, probably a Luce/929

  9. Johnny A. says:

    simply put, AWESOME!!!

  10. Tyler says:

    I want some desktop size pictures for these. ^_^

  11. boyee says:

    ^^ english site

    this is an awesome post! thanks jnc!

    long live the mazda spirit! lol

  12. Bryan Thompson says:

    I had three B-2000’s and a 1985 RX7 in cream. My mom had a 323 and a GLC hatch, my uncle had a RX3 cosmo back in the seventies. I think Mazda runs through the family history. I cant wait to get another RX7, convertable this time.

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