MARKETWATCH: Honda RS1000 sells for nearly $90,000

We recently wrote about Japan’s first-ever high-end motorcycle auction taking place in conjunction with the 42nd running of the Suzuka 8 Hours race. Well, the auction took place July 27, and the results are in. The most expensive bike sold, by a long shot, was  the 1982 Honda RS1000 racer for nearly $90,000.

Built by Honda’s legendary Racing Service Center and the same model that won the 1981 Suzuka 8 Hours, it sold for ¥9.632 million, or $88,740 USD including a 12 percent auction fee. This is on par with global RS1000 prices, and was the loftiest sale of the auction.

Other notable sales included a 1970 Honda CB750 K0 that went for ¥1.34 million ($12,350 USD), a 1983 Honda CB1100RD that sold for ¥2,240,000 ($20,640 USD), and a Kawasaki 750SS that sold for ¥1,232,000 ($11,350 USD). Many of the bikes offered sold after the auction, not did not meet reserve, or were no-sales, with attendance dampened somewhat by a storm. All in all, it could have been a good opportunity to acquire a rare bike or two.

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