Mad Max Datsun 240Z

MotorMavens has posted up a feature on one of our favorite cars from the recent Japanese Classic Car Show, the Mad Max Z. We gave you a little taste of it in Part One of our JCCS coverage, but here’s the owner’s full story. This car makes us non-Z owners crave one like there’s no tomorrow. And if there really is no tomorrow, this 1973 Datsun 240Z looks like it’s ready to plow right through a marauding gang of desert bikers. Oh, and you might even catch a cameo by Dan in the photos. Check it out.

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8 Responses to Mad Max Datsun 240Z

  1. totes mcgotes says:

    that is just so awesome. makes me want to abandon plans of getting a practical car and get a beauty like that

  2. bert says:

    When you get road rash on your backside without even leaving your car, you know your ride is a little too low. But I give the guy props for all the work that he did HIMSELF. His car got featured without it being finished and only a few months after he bought it. Respect.

    How does a twenty year old just happen to have extra piping laying around to weld on?

  3. zetozeto99 (j.ramirez) says:

    That guy must have found my lost tsurikawa on the 91 freeway! 😉 He was the only one at JCCS rocking one….

    Love this Z!

  4. slickwrick says:

    this z is amaZZZing!!!!
    damn lovin it!!!
    its all in tact!!!
    no parts missing cept that filter but still looks awesome!!!
    dig the bumperless look!!!
    mad props to that dude!!!!

  5. sr-fairladyz says:

    I did the Mad Max thing for the first 3 years. For me, it was called being lazy. lol It has a nice stance for sure, but I’m just a finished car kinda guy I guess.

    Mad Max:

    Which do you prefer?

    • Ben says:

      For your car the finished look was definitely the hotness, but I think this Z, with its brown fender and patina of surface rust and mad stance… all that combined is “mad max”

  6. Its cool, as long as you don’t over do it and purposely damage the car. I’m all for driving cars as is.

  7. Matt says:

    sr-fairladyz, I think your car rocked in the “Mad Max” phase. Also great after the fact too!

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