Looking For Something a Little Different?


If you’re keen to get your hands on some classic JDM, but you’d rather something a little more unique than the tried and true S30, C10, TE27, RX-3—and so on—this might be just what Doctor Jay D. Emm (see what I did there? ho ho ho) ordered.

The 2door Nissan Laurel SGX is a stunning looking car—and hard to come by, especially in such amazing condition.  Rory – aka idahospeed – over at the JNC forums is now selling his Laurel (pictured above), which took home first place honours at this year’s Japanese Classic Car Show for Best JDM Car.  Head over to the JNC forums to find out more, and if you want to buy it, you’d better be quick.  This sale isn’t going to last long!

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