Long Overdue Idea: V6 Datsun 240Z Drift Machine

We’ve long wondered why no one has built an S30 Z drift machine yet. It’s light, it’s RWD, it’s simple to work on. Parts, whether junkyard special, aftermarket, or reproduction, are plentiful and can be scavenged from a whole host of later-model Nissans. There are enough non-mint 240Z/260Z/280Zs out there that you wouldn’t feel bad about cutting one up (or putting it in a wall). Plus, you’ll have the best looking puck on the track. 

Well, now a Hungarian is beating us to the punch. Nino Karotta is putting together a Datsun 260Z slider using an S13 chassis and a 350Z V6 as motivation. You can read all about his build on Driftworks.

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6 Responses to Long Overdue Idea: V6 Datsun 240Z Drift Machine

  1. Damien says:

    I approve of this

  2. Bob says:

    There’s been a blue S30 drift car in Indiana/Michigan for years. Current owner hasn’t participated much, but the original builder and interim owner drifted the hell out of it for a few years.


  3. Rory says:

    Like the idea! But not how it would kill off and scrap so many decent S30’s out there.

  4. Jeremy says:

    hey guys that light blue one you speak of bob was built by derrik a guy i know he runs all the drift and autocross events in the cincinnati, dayton ohio area i have seen it in action it was decent but the car was not great for street, was tubbed and the steering rack was modded but he still didnt get a great angle. The good news is he did quilife for d1 in it.

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