MINICARS: Charge your phone with a Fairlady Z

There are few phone accessories a boring as a portable charger battery, usually no more than a rectangular box with an LED light and a USB port. In Japan, however, you can now charge your phone with something a little more stylish — a Nissan Fairlady Z. 

Made by Links International, the 240Z phone charger doubles as a pretty realistic replica of Nissan’s iconic sports car. It’s even slightly modified in the customary Japanese style, with exhaust, fender flares, and Watanabe-style wheels.

It measures about 8 inches long and weighs 0.29 pounds. and the USB charging port folds out from below the car. The battery is a pretty standard 4,500 mAh unit, which takes 6-9 hours to fully charge. The headlights light up when the charger is in use. It comes in orange, blue or red.

A portable charger is a must-have when traveling in Japan. Very few public outlets for replenishing your phone, pocket wifi router, or other devices are available, even in coffee shops or similar establishments. Practically speaking, the Z is probably not the most ideal shape to carry around in your bag, but it sure looks cool sitting on your desk. [UPDATE: they are available on Amazon Japan for ¥6,480]

Photos courtesy of Links International.

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7 Responses to MINICARS: Charge your phone with a Fairlady Z

  1. Jim Simspson says:

    That is amazing… I want one…

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Cost ?

  3. Dax L says:

    Where can I get one?

  4. XRaider says:

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  5. Christopher Huffine says:

    I’ve been all over Links’ retail sites, can’t find these on any of them. Just the release announcement on their main site. Could you guys keep an eye on this, and let us know when and where these are available? I definitely would buy one now if I knew where.

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