Let’s turn our Bride racing seats into rocking chairs, since we’re all old now

If you’re into Nihon steel, it’s hard not to feel like an old geezer these days. The cars we grew up with are now being lauded and collected as classics, and their parts are getting ever scarcer. Many of us probably don’t have the the physical ability or the will to wrench for 48 hours straight on a cold garage floor subsisting on nothing but instant ramen anymore. So, why not live into it by getting the newly released Bride racing seat rocking chair?

The Bride Emperor is the racing seat company’s latest product and actually, it’s just a set of rocking chair legs. The seat isn’t included, but you can bolt a number of different Bride seats (the full list is below) to them. Supposedly, it’s perfectly balanced so that the seat can stand on its own when the racing seat is affixed.

Bride says that because 2020 was such a stressful year, they wanted to create a comfortable and relaxing space where you can sit and unwind. Each set of legs is hand made and thus limited to a run of just 10 per month.

As is the case for these types of products, it ain’t cheap. The legs will cost ¥69,000 ($660 USD), seat not included. But, if you’re planning to put your car back to stock and have an extra seat lying around, this is one use for it.

Compatible seats:
・Streams Cruz
・Euroster II
・Euroster II Cruz
・Digo III Light
・Digo III Light Cruz
・edirb032 Ultra Suede
・edirb054 Ultra Suede
・edirb110 Ultra Suede
・edirb 132 Ultra Suede

Images courtesy of Bride.

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7 Responses to Let’s turn our Bride racing seats into rocking chairs, since we’re all old now

  1. j_tso says:

    Now that deserves a koreisha mark.

    Perfect place to sit and gripe about how 240Zs used to be $2,000.

    • Doug says:

      They’re still out there cheap. Maybe a little more work required. And probably a lot harder to find. But that makes it more fun no?

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve always thought that car seats make excellent rocking chairs and office chairs. As my brother’s wedding present, we made a rocking chair out of a Sentra B12 seat. I just finished making an office chair out of a B13 SE-R seat. Those that have sat in that seat, know how comfortable it is. And it can definitely be done for much much cheaper than $660.

  3. kieron says:

    They could have used a much nicer seat than the truck one to show off this product.

  4. F31roger says:


    But it’s the truth for most of us that came up when the car scene was heavily stacked with Hondas and drag racing, then drifting and RWD cars.

    Just looking back…. that was the era and I am glad I went through it!

  5. Tygerlo says:

    I always wonder if there is living room sofa can match the built quality and comfort level of a good Japanse sedan in 1980s. I found almost all those sofa chairs are too soft to seat on.

  6. cesariojpn says:

    “GIT OFFA MY LAWN, I only like Red Bull, Borla Exhausts, and Overnight Parts from Tokyo. Darn kiddos don’t know how good they have it!!”

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