Koyorad releases new radiators for 90s Chaser, 300ZX, Maxima

Our partners at Koyorad are releasing a slew of new cooling options for 90s cars, including the JZX90 Toyota Chaser, Mark II and Cresta triplets, as well as the Z32 Nissan 300ZX and J30 Maxima. It may seem odd to sell an aftermarket part for cars that was never sold here, but the X90 chassis has reached the 25-year mark that allows them to be imported, and Koyorad sees a large enough influx of them to 

Specifically, the unit is for the 1992-96 Toyota Chaser, Mark II and Cresta with the turbocharged 2.5-liter 1JZ-GTE motor and manual transmission. Koyorad says that the purpose for the application is mainly track use (ie, drifting), a well-known use for the so-called four-door Supra, and features a 48mm core. They should help with daily driven examples as well, as these sedans originally came with plastic tanks that are probably seeing the end of their useful lives going on 25 years later.

For an application a little closer to home, Koyorad has also released an aluminum radiator for the naturally aspirated 1990-96 Nissan 300ZX and 1989-94 Maxima, both with manual transmissions. Due to the confined spaces available beneath the hood of a Z32, this unit uses a 36mm core, and is still track-use ready. A 1/8 PT sensor port accepts most Japanese aftermarket gauges as well.

All Koyorad aftermarket radiators are made from TIG welded aluminum, and feature attachments points for OEM fans, fan switches, a/c condensers, and factory hoses. The JZX90 unit retails for $420 while the Nissan unit retails for $336. Both are available now.

Images courtesy of Koyorad.



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2 Responses to Koyorad releases new radiators for 90s Chaser, 300ZX, Maxima

  1. cesariojpn says:

    So I can live my Great Teacher Onizuka dreams and get Cresta’s smashed at regular intervals?

  2. jivecom says:

    Mmm, more proof that R33 wheels look good on everything

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