PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad First-Gen Toyota Celica Radiator

Koyorad Toyota Celica radiator

If you swung by the JNC booth at Toyotafest this weekend you might have noticed this beautiful block of aluminum. It’s the the lastest design from Japanese radiator maker Koyorad and we’re happy to say that it’s another nostalgic car application. Hot on the heels of Koyorad’s Datsun 510 radiator comes a cooler for your first-gen Toyota Celica.

Specifically, it fits all first-gen Celicas with 1.6 or 2.0 liter engines. That means your stock 2T-C, 18R-C, or even twin-cam 2T-G or 18R-G can have now have stone cold antifreeze coursing through its veins. Typical of Koyorad units, it comes with a threaded 1/8-inch PT temperature sensor fitting and measures 48mm thick. Each radiator is TIG-welded and triple pressure tested. We’re extremely thrilled that aftermarket support for us old schoolers is constantly expanding, and that it’s not limited to just the ever-popular 240Z and AE86 (though Koyorad makes radiators for them too).

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9 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad First-Gen Toyota Celica Radiator

  1. TE72_Sunny says:

    Being that it’s compatible with the 2TC, does that mean you can adapt one to an *E7* Corolla & older?

  2. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    It would be very handy if aftermarket suppliers like Koyorad provided basic dimensional information for their products. Those of us that need to modify and fabricate components in order to adapt them to our cars would be very grateful.
    Many will probably agree that the research and verification process can eat some serious time.

  3. grandtouring says:

    I run their radiator in my Z. Work great and looks fantastic but i do wish they had installed a drain plug and some front tabs to install a shroud. Besides those minor things, I highly recommend their products.

  4. Juppe says:

    If this is for a 2T, why is the inlet on the wrong side?

  5. MR2_D2 says:

    Just waiting for them to make one for the AW11 MR2.

  6. KFD says:

    I wonder if that would fit my second-gen RA43 with a little bit of monkeyf*ckery…

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