King of Classic VIP – Toyota Century D-Type


Oh dag. I don’t know a damn thing about this particular model Century, but I love it. As far as Centurys go, I know what I’ve learned from Lachy’s feature, and of course Wikipedia. But even Wikipedia doesn’t describe in any special detail exactly what this “D-Type” business is. Could J-Spec have their wires crossed? Can anyone shed some light on it?

Specifics aside, this thing is terrificly hot. Imagine pulling up outside your favourite restaurant in this thing. Folks would get right the hell outta your way.

It’s going damn cheap too, so if you got the dinero, head over to J-Spec and slap down a deposit. I’m not sure how you’d go keeping the thing on the road—parts availability might suck, but it might also have shared a lot of components with regular Toyos—but I’d say it’s worth it.

[via J-Spec]

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4 Responses to King of Classic VIP – Toyota Century D-Type

  1. Pharoahe says:

    I only know off a L-type version. The L-type is a stretched version off the Century. Never heard off a D-type

    The version pictured here is from the 1st generation build from ’67 till 97. The second generation came in 1997 with some modifications and the legendary 12 cylinder engine 1GZ-FE

    That engine is also used in the new Top Secret V12 Supra

  2. ultraman019 says:

    I’d rock this one.

  3. Lachy says:

    By the way guys, Andy’s car featured earlier this year is unofficially looking for a new owner… if anyone’s interested let me know.

  4. tkmedia says:

    D-type usually refers trim level. For the VG20’s A-type or A-spec, usually have a manual transmission on the floor, B has a manual shifter on the column, D has an automatic on column.

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