KIDNEY, ANYONE? Unmolested 1987 Toyota Corolla AE86 Coupe

A bone stock 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S Coupe has surfaced auction on eBay in southern California. The AE86 chassis, famed for its drifting prowess and starring role in Initial D, has risen to legend status, especially as unmolested examples dwindle. That’s why even with nearly 200,000 miles on the odo, someone is asking nearly $20,000 for a 30-year-old Corolla. 

Though it has traveled 197,617 miles, it appears to be in very nice condition. It is said to be all original, never repainted, and the seller has even gone so far as to include images of readings from a digital paint thickness gauge. The color is a desirable 202 Black, and solid black AE86s were never sold in the home country unless one is talking about the rare Japan-only Black Limited special edition.

1987 was the last year for the rear-wheel-drive Corolla GT-S (or RWD Corollas in general, for that matter) and officially only the coupe body style was offered, as the hatchback had already transitioned into the AE82 FX-16. As such, there are number of final year quirks.

For one, it is said that Toyota ran out of GT-S parts toward the end of the AE86’s run, so many of the last ones built lacked the GT-S’s folding side mirrors, or came with SR-5 interiors instead. This one has the SR-5 interior, but ironically, the fabric seats and hard plastic map pockets of the SR-5 actually withstand the test of time better than GT-S interiors.

There are a few small details that are incorrect, however. This is obviously a 1986-87 kouki model, but it has the zenki “pizza cutter” wheels. The post-facelift “snowflake” wheels shouldn’t be too hard to find, though, as they were used on everything from Cressidas to Toyota Vans. The shift knob and stereo are aftermarket units, and the steering wheel appears to have a leatherette cover, so the condition of the original leather-stitched wheel is unknown. These point to the fact that the car might have had a light modification before.

Still, finding an AE86 in better condition is near impossible. The dash pad, a known problem area, has a slight wave in it but it does not appear to be cracked, like most that have lived a life under the SoCal sun. The front lip is also in surprisingly good condition; most have scratches or chips from parking bollards and road debris. Even the fluid reservoirs in the engine bay are not discolored, possibly having been recently replaced. Other frequently broken parts, like the hood prop clip or air intake snorkel, remain in tact.

The seller even has original window sticker and documentation. This is said to be a two-owner car, having been purchased originally in Boise, Idaho and trading hands once to the current owner in 2013. The only optional items were power steering, auto-reverse cassette player, and floormats, making for an out-the-door price of $11,065 back in May 1987.

Don’t fret about the odometer unless you want low-mileage bragging rights. Mechanically, the twin-cam 4A-GE engine and T50 5-speed are near indestructable if properly cared for. Unfortunately, many aspiring drifters did not care for them, so this could be your last chance to buy a stock Corolla GT-S Coupe in black. The seller is asking $19,990, but is entertaining offers. See the auction on eBay.

Images: eBay

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15 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? Unmolested 1987 Toyota Corolla AE86 Coupe

  1. Mattwithoutyou says:

    Well, it’s definitely been maintained, but he must want every penny back he’s spent doing it. If this is the going rate on these then I missed the bus.

  2. Thomas C. Mapother says:

    $20k is a whole lotta skrilla, son!
    Could probably still find two decent ones for that price… ?

  3. cesariojpn says:

    99.99% likely this will be cut-up with pointless mods by some wannabe Drifter.

    • Mike in Long Beach says:

      I don’t think it is all that likely that someone will pay the asking price and then butcher it. If someone steps up with 20 large, they will probably keep it original. Too easy to find much cheaper examples to modify.

  4. Sebastian-Ruediger Mueller says:

    I reduced my 1983 near mint Corolla KE 70 on now down to 5000,- Euro.
    Please have a look !

    You will find it also at Classic Trader where I ask still 7000. There is a better description than on…. Of course I will give the car to the person that put 5000 Euro on the desk…

  5. Eric P says:

    With the asking price, I bet it will stay stock. What a beauty.

  6. Mark Newton-John says:

    Okay, 20 grrr? No way. Better cars out there for 20. Hell, I can even find a Bentley Turbo or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo for less than that here in SoCal.
    Initial D was the best/worst thing that happened to AE86 Corollas. Hell, can you imagine if he was driving a TE37?
    I will say that 200,000 is not too many miles, my TE27 was still great at 200,000.

  7. Nick says:

    Its not an AE86 its an AE88 lol look at the vin even engines not the same wow someones gonna get scamed look at the paper ae86 has 4age engine this one has 4ag3 some nerve this guy has

  8. CobaltFire says:

    Honestly there are better ones available in Japan for that cost, even counting the import fees.

    Then again, those are RHD. To my mind the LHD will be worth a bit extra here. I never really liked the look of the notchback, but the 3 door looks pretty good. Make it a 3 door Levin and we are REALLY talking as far as looks go.

    • Mark Newton-John says:

      Back then TRD said that the coupe was better than the liftback because it ws lighter.

      • Ben Hsu says:

        Yes you are correct. The hatch and larger glass on it add more weight. The coupe’s structure, with support going across the rear seats, is said to make for a stiffer chassis as well.

  9. Don Scott says:

    If it had 20,000 miles on the clock, it would be worth the ask. But not with 10x that.

  10. Bob says:

    do you want my kidney for this car ?

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