KIDNEY, ANYONE? Unmolested 1985 Toyota Cressida

15_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

Years ago, unmolested Cressidas could be found on the List of Craig all day long, at “just a used car” prices barely cracking the three-digit mark. These days, nearly every Cressida for sale has been cut, slammed, or converted into either a drift missile or a halfhearted zokusha. Before the proto-Lexus goes completely extinct, though, you can get this cherry 75k-mile example if you act fast. 

10_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

Described as a life-long southern car and currently located in Alabama, this first-year example of the X70 chassis was purchased as a company car by an outfit called Science Application International Corp. According to the listing, it was gifted to the previous owner when he retired from the company. It certainly is an unusual company car, especially from that era and the deep south. But hey, you can’t argue with science!

19_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

The current owner purchased it from the retiree five years ago and has given it a thorough detailing. The Dark Blue Metallic paint is said to be all original, as is the sumptuous gray interior. Even the original equalizer-equipped cassette deck stereo still exists, though it is unknown if the LCD display still lights up at night (a common problem on these factory radios). The only thing that would make it better is if it were a factory 5-speed.

18_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

The car does not even appear to have ever touched a jack, as the lift points are all unscathed. Maintenance has been recorded in an accompanying log.

06_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k17_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

Aside from a small dent just aft of the fuel filler, some scratches on the valance and a squashed plastic front lip (sadly no longer available from Toyota), the car appears to be mint.

02_1985 Toyota Cressida 75k

At the time of this writing, the auction price is at $3,988. Like the AE86 and 240SX before it, the Cressida population saw decades of natural attrition before it caught the attention of fanboys, who then saved many from the crusher while simultaneously irreversibly modifying them. With the following it has now and the limited supply of stock survivors, however, the prices have nowhere to go but up. See the auction here.

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11 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? Unmolested 1985 Toyota Cressida

  1. JovaTecH says:

    I had a Cressy with Digital Instrument Panel its very rare to see one with that option today

  2. Nigel says:

    Very very nice !!

  3. alvin says:

    I totally hear you on the “it’s only original once” front.
    In this day and age with talented fabricators and parts designers, is it even possible to “irreversibly modify” a car like this?

  4. Riaan says:

    You can order the lip from, dealers in South Africa as far as I know. Some aftermarket bits still exists here too

  5. dickie says:

    $4,288 and it didn’t meet the reserve? Hahaha.

    I hope this bubble bursts soon, there’s no way these ridiculous prices are sustainable. If I see a car posted locally with an unrealistic price, I map the scrap yards in the vicinity so I know where to go when the owner finally admits defeat and has it dragged off. Still, getting hard to find clean parts donors at any price point.

  6. Yella81celica says:

    There is a cressida, same style, just down the street from me, been sitting for years. Not sure why.

  7. Okiera29 says:

    yella celica, most likely a bad fuel pump. That is what was wrong with mine. I picked it up for $250 and that was the start of the down hill slide. 5 cressidas later, I am having to get rid of the wagon. It has no title, no engine or transmission at the moment. Those are both in the garage, sidelined by life and other pursuits. So, shortly will begin the cataloging of parts and the taking of pictures so that I can hopefully move her on to a new and better place. Her spot will be taken by the 70 S30 that I am keeping in her place.

  8. Yella81celica says:

    If I could that would be me. I only have room for 4 vehicles currently. One can never have enough Toyotas.

  9. NSXCELICA says:

    I loved this generation Cressida as I used to owned one myself back in the day. I would like to own a clean example “1988” last production year of this generation.

  10. aca says:

    i own a cressida 1991xl, 22r engine manual, looking for 2stoplights and headlamps as well

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