Kidney, Anyone? Tuned 1974 Mazda RX-4

It’s not a limited edition, nor does it have  a slew of rare options, but we at JNC have a soft spot for the 2nd-gen Luce. They’re just rare in general and although much maligned when new, 38 years later it’s a beautiful reminder of pre-NHTSA safety bumper design.

This 1974 Mazda RX-4 is located in Victoria, BC and while not an original-owner car, it has resided in the same garage for 20 years. Light mods have been made, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at it — exactly the type of tuning we dig. The engine is said to have only 700 km on the rebuild and included are some rare Racing Beat bolt-ons. The asking price is $8,500.


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11 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Tuned 1974 Mazda RX-4

  1. j_c says:

    “Rallye Ported Intake and Exhaust”

    I wonder what that is. A few of the rally RXs I’ve read about have bridge ports.

  2. Drive510 says:

    $8,500 for a kidney??? Depending on how bad your kidneys are I guess. Do you drink?…nevermind. XD Very beautiful car. I don’t think they’re asking enough.

  3. i never liked the RX4 since i was born amongst these 70s old school japanese toys or else this car wud be sitting with my collection tomorrow morning…808 are the best ever made

  4. Slade says:

    Its actually in victoria british columbia.
    I know the previous owner could use a fresh coat of paint and a small tidy but nonetheless its a clean example of an rx4.
    Previous owner has an rx4 wagon for sale currently as well for 2500.
    Sweet ride.

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