KIDNEY, ANYONE? The Corolla that started it all

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling nameplate in automotive history. It’s a household name, recognizable around the world to car enthusiast and normie alike, and has been produced for 12 generations and 53 years consecutively.  Go back to its humble beginnings to find what kickstarted it all, and you’ll find an E10 just like the one currently being offered for sale in Orlando, Florida.

Though the Corolla began life in Japan in 1966, it wasn’t imported to North America until 1968. This particular example was sold in Puerto Rico, where it spent most of its life before it was brought to Florida in 2014, according to the seller, an act that may have saved it from the natural disaster that befell the US territory in 2017.

Normally, a four-door with an automatic transmission — a two-speed Toyoglide, in fact — would not necessarily inspire a black market organ donation, but in this case it is wholly appropriate because a Toyota Corolla is, if nothing else, a sensible compact sedan. This is the ur-Corolla, if you will.

A 1.1-liter canted K-series motor resides under the hood, good for about 60 horsepower when new. The mileage is a claimed 85,900. The seller says the car was repainted back in 1982, but the paint appears to match the original. Sadly, there appears to be a foot-long scratch on the right rear door.

The car also comes with the original tool kit, pouch, manual, and 12-inch wheels and their corresponding hubcaps. The interior also looks to be in excellent shape, with untorn vinyl seats, headliner, and dashboard.

When it was new, the 1968 Corolla sold for $1,700. Here, the seller is listing it for $10,000. The trim and moldings look complete, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a better example of an E10 that has survived in tact for half a century. If you’d like to add the car that kicked off an automotive dynasty to your collection, see the add on Craigslist Orlando.

Thanks to Chris H. for the tip!

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2 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? The Corolla that started it all

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Sadly will not be kept in original condition and be modified, loosing all it’s originality forever.

  2. speedie says:

    I disagree. Anyone who is looking to mod a car like this would never pay $10K. There is nothing in the drive train or suspension that you could keep. Put it on Bring a Trailer and it will sell to a collector who will gladly pay a premium price for a car that is nearly extinct. You do not find these in barns.

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