KIDNEY, ANYONE? Someone is selling a Mazda 767B

You. Yes you, mere mortal. You can now own perhaps the most organ-worthy car we’ve ever come across, a Mazda 767B. While the original auction description (they have since edited it) described it as “the most iconic race car to ever come out of Japan,” let’s be clear: This is not the 1991 Le Mans-winning 787B. That is locked away in Mazda’s Hiroshima collection hall and they will never, ever let it go. This predecessor, which is still a 630-horse 4-rotor, is as close as you’ll likely ever get to the orange and green demon.

While it’s not the most famous Mazda racer, this particular car, chassis 003, still has loads of provenance. It did indeed run ran at Le Mans in 1990, where Takashi Yorino, Yoshimi Katayama, and Yojiro Terada fought their way to a first-in-class finish in the GTP category (the same trio of works drivers won their class at the 1979 24 Hours of Daytona in an RX-7, and are considered Mazda royalty). The auction description lists many other notches on the car’s belt.

However, there are also errors in the listing. For example, Mazda Sports Corner didn’t campaign the Cosmo Sports at Marathon de la Route, and Mazdaspeed remained in Tokyo well after 1983. Since you’ll be expected to drop $1.8 to 2.4 million according to the auction house Gooding & Co’s estimates, so caveat emptor. But hey, that’s true even if you’re buying a project GLC.

Images: Gooding & Co.

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3 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? Someone is selling a Mazda 767B

  1. Kieron says:

    If I win the lottery on Friday…

  2. 22blades says:

    What do they call it these days… crowd-sourcing or gofundme?

    For every $10,000, you’ll get a sticker.

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