KIDNEY, ANYONE? NOS Datsun Competition L20 head, manifold and 50mm Mikunis

Datsun Competition NISMO L20 Head 01

Today’s kidney trade is not even a complete car, but it could cost much more than one. The Nissan L20 Group 1 cylinder head is perhaps the rarest, most unobtainable piece of Datsun metal in the world. A race-only part sold by Datsun Competition in the 70s for L-series motors, Nissan only made made a few and it was obscenely expensive even back then.

Datsun Competition NISMO L20 Head 04

The auction lot also comes with 50mm Mikunis and associated manifold, but even so an asking price of $15,000 is a little crazy. To the right guy it’s worth between $7,000 and $8,000, but the rarity of it never being used, still preserved in Cosmoline, is the thing. These heads were sold to racers who used them to go racing. The thought that one somehow just sat on a shelf all this time is mind boggling.

Part numbers:
11041-22010 NISMO FIA Group 1 Head
14002-22010 Manifold
16010-E4621 Mikuni 50mm carbs

[Source: eBay]

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18 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? NOS Datsun Competition L20 head, manifold and 50mm Mikunis

  1. Steve Caruana says:

    Very nice and I hope the right person buys it and uses it for racing.

  2. Nigel says:

    One word…Gold.

  3. Steve Ranco says:

    Just WOW…What else can be said…WoW

  4. James Bock says:

    Wow very cool, not just the head but those carbs as well. From what I know and understand is that those early Q type Mikuni/Solex 50mm are very rare, as I have a set of Mikuni/Solex Q type 36mm, also very rare for my Toyota S800 (with a 1.1L K engine). It amazes me to see and wonder what is still out there. Thanks for the submission!

  5. Tyler says:

    Rather have a 240Z…

  6. mister k says:

    coo bits coo-coo price

  7. chin says:

    My sk’s are 45mm i can only imagine 50’s and new units at that!! mmmm…

  8. john says:

    Side note: Word around the campfire is that some of the upper bits for the head (rocker mounts, etc.) are specific to this head, and since they are missing, that means even more $$$$$… 🙂

  9. Danny Carlson says:


  10. says:

    that’s crazy and a pretty damn rare find, but add 10 grand and you can almost buy a complete and brand new OS-Giken TC24-B1Z Engine with headers, block, etc..
    Well but i assume for the L4 guys that use to race this might be worth way more 🙂

  11. Mike Hansen says:

    I have 4 brand new 14002-22010 Manifolds collecting dust on a shelf. I didn’t realize these were so rare!

  12. Taylor says:

    The most valuable (and rare) piece of Datsun hardware would have to be an LY28 engine, that or the first Z432R ever produced.

    This is a great conversation piece, but not the pinnacle of rarity for Datsun guys.

  13. turbo323re says:

    Can any one tell some info on this head….

  14. Ryan says:

    Look up the LY crossflow head, or the LZ heads. Way interesting. That #23 240ZR (white with the blue eagle on the doors, ZG nose, big flares, yada yada) has one.

    I think any LY crossflow head would be worth far, far, faaarrr more than even the OS Giken TC24 heads.

  15. Kyle 521 says:

    what makes this better than an A87 head?, both closed chamber, both single cam 8valve, neither are cross flow, i guess the ports are a bit bigger, does that make that much of a differnce?

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