Kidney, Anyone? Mitsubishi Canter Dekotora Tow Rig

Imagine rolling into JCCS with your nostalgic on the bed of this Mitsubishi Canter dekotora. It could be yours for ¥4,390,000 (or $52,000 American), shipping not included. More photos below the fold.

Hat tip to city hunter.

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13 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Mitsubishi Canter Dekotora Tow Rig

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Doesn’t the US allow these to imported due to the fact that it’s a Commercial Vehicle and can bypass the safety regs?

  2. E-AT_me says:

    where are the night pictures? i want to see this thing lit up like the christmas tree that i know it is!!

  3. PathFindeR says:

    Is Optimus Prime in Japan? Sweeettt!!!

  4. Skylines&Zeds says:

    Coolest thing EVER. what does it take to turn a LH tow truck into that?!!

  5. CelicaMan says:

    Ultra Magnus!
    Prime was red.

  6. Jake says:

    It looks like something from Star Wars. I’d hate to follow that thing on a sunny day!

  7. big O says:


  8. Tyler says:

    I like how the tail gate inexplicably says, “God Hand”.

    Also, wouldn’t that ramp be a challenge when loading up your bosozoku Soarer?

  9. bert says:

    All those mirrors in the back look like a good way to earn business!

  10. DerrickS says:

    Man! I totally need that to haul my Veritech fighter around.
    @ Tyler – That’s why the ramp does that cute little lay flat then angle up trick!

  11. LTDScott says:

    Jesus, the dash has more switches than the space shuttle.

  12. G-zilla says:

    They do sell them here in america, at least here in Mexico it’s the Freightliner 360

  13. G-zilla says:

    Used to be the Sterling 360, but the brand dissapeared.

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