Kidney, Anyone? Low Mileage AW11 Toyota MR2, Datsun 510, Toyota Corona Mark II and Mitsubishi Lancer

We just had a shortened work week, but there was no shortage of low mileage nostalgics suddenly up for grabs. The only problem is deciding between the wedge-shaped pocket rocket that is this 39,000-mile 1986 Toyota MR2, undiluted driving experience of a bone stock 63,000-mile 1971 Datsun 510, cachet of a rare 80,000-mile Toyota Corona Mark II, and savanna-pounding potential of a 48,000-mile Mitsubishi Lancer/Dodge Colt.

We really need to get that black market organ harvesting thing going. Which babied gem would you choose?

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9 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Low Mileage AW11 Toyota MR2, Datsun 510, Toyota Corona Mark II and Mitsubishi Lancer

  1. Lincoln Stax says:

    The 510 link only goes to the forum. I really like the Corona and the Colt, but I’m a little disappointed they’re autos.

  2. bert says:

    That MR2 looks exactly like the 86 that I had, except this one is missing the optional sunshade over the rear glass. Man I miss that car!!!!=(

    I saw the MR2 on BAT, but wasn’t the Corona on there as well? I also saw the Corona on the Orange Co. Craigslist.

  3. Alan says:

    AW11’s finally getting some respect.

    I recently bought mine back from the same guy I reluctantly sold it to years ago. Enjoyed it for less than a hundred blissful miles before it spun a bearing 🙁 After a long sit I’m finally getting a fresh 4AGE next week and I can’t freakin’ wait.

  4. Shawn Baden says:

    I have to go with the MR2. I think the $8900 price is a steal. Where else are you going to get a MKI with that kind of mileage? MKI MR2 all the way: I love the ’80s styling.

  5. BlownArrow! says:

    OMG! 😀 that Corona Is F-ING hot… I’d love to rock that all day long!
    and the colts just asking for a rally package! yummy

  6. datsun dude says:

    I say…go datsun all the way! there’s plenty of mr’s and the corona and colt are slugs

  7. bert says:

    Alan- your’e one lucky hombre! I’d love to find my old MR2 and restore it and drive it and feed it and call it George!

  8. toepfer says:

    Man I’d love to rock that 510.

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