KIDNEY, ANYONE?: Eric Bizek’s KP61 Toyota Starlet

Typically, we don’t name drop the Kidney Car’s seller, but if you are even remotely familiar with our site, or the American JNC community, the shop JDM Legends is a household name. The Utah-based restomod shop has been around as long as we have, just over 10 years, and have been cranking out some of the best JNC builds in the country since. They even have their own TV show. Now, you have a chance to own JDM Legends’ owner’s personal car.

Shop owner Eric Bizek recently posted on the Utah Japanese Classic Cars Facebook page that he’s parting with his KP61 Starlet. These cars are the ultimate expression of what people love about JNCs — welterweight, rear-wheel-drive, compacts that were designed to be the cheapest form of reliable transportation possible and, by virtue of their engineering, turned into performance underdogs.

The mere mention of a rust-free KP61 is cause enough for a kidney donation these days, but Eric has done quite a bit to this car to make it unique. On the exterior, a custom rear spoiler sits atop the hatch. Bespoke bumperettes fill the void from where the rubber safety bumpers once sat, and below that is a modified MkI Rabbit front lip. For rear views, it has Hakosuka fender mirrors sitting atop shaved fenders.

The car is a exactly the sort of car that Karen in her Highlander would never notice, but for JNCers, it will break enough necks that all of the local chiropractors will have a new area of their office named the “Starlet Wing.” The car sits on a coilover suspension and 13-inch SSR Star Shark wheels for perfect fitment.

The interior is just as raw as the exterior, but with the quality of work that JDM Legneds is known for. A TOM’s steering wheel graces a very clean dashboard with custom-fitted Defi gauges, and the new owner will sit in a Sparco driver’s seat within easy reach of a TRD shift knob and shift lever extender.

Under the hood sits a big-port 16-valve 4A-GE engine mated to a T50 transmission with a cable-to-hydraulic clutch conversion. The engine has fresh injector seals, a stainless steel header and ignition upgrades. The battery has been relocated to the trunk with a custom aluminum battery box.

The car is a steal at $8,500. It needs to be painted as it sits in primer, but you can rest assured that the work done to it holds up to the quality that JDM Legends is known for. This particular Starlet is the best modified KP61 we have seen on the market in quite a while.

With a 1,670-pound curb weight, 4A-GE engine, and quality modifications it’s sure to be a blast to drive, but car like this is way more than the sum of its parts (which are listed below). When it comes to JNCs, Eric Bizek clearly knows what he’s doing. If you’re interested, check his Facebook Marketplace post. Finally, if you end up purchasing this car, let us know and we will send you a care package.

Modification List

  • Big-port 16V 4AGE w/T50 5-speed and cable to hydraulic clutch conversion
  • New injectors/seals
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • New timing belt/water pump
  • MSD coil/NGK plug wires
  • Unknown Stainless steel header modified to work with KP61 chassis
  • Custom 2″ Stainless steel mandrel-bent exhaust with Vibrant muffler
  • Honda Civic radiator w/electric fan
  • MOCAL oil cooler with thermostatic sandwich plate and AN fittings
  • Tokico 32-way adjustable HTS short-stroke shocks w/T3 coilover conversion
  • T3 Camber plates
  • T3 Roll center adjusters
  • AE86 rear springs
  • AE86 front hubs, calipers and vented rotors
  • ARP extended front studs
  • Custom front and rear TIG welded bumpers
  • Custom front and rear removable aluminum bumper fillers
  • Widened MkI Golf front spoiler with ducts
  • Custom Aluminum duck-tail rear spoiler
  • Shaved side-markers, license plate lights, door mirrors, trunk keyhole, and antenna
  • Sparco hood pins and trunk latches
  • JDM Hakosuka fender mirrors
  • 13×7″ (front) and 13×7.5″ (rear) Genuine SSR Star Shark wheels
  • Tom’s steering wheel
  • TRD shift knob on extended shifter
  • Sparco Pro 2000 driver’s seat
  • Japanese market (green illumination) Defi 52mm water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauges w/controller
  • Custom Aluminum battery box
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2 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE?: Eric Bizek’s KP61 Toyota Starlet

  1. Power Tryp says:

    Jeez. things like this make me realize how fast time flys. I remember reading through this build when Eric had a blog on his website which has to be 7-8 years ago now. Also I got to see it in person five years ago when a roadtrip allowed me to stop off at his shop

    Who ever buys it is getting a well cared for little car that will certainly be a blast to drive.

  2. Danel Byrney says:

    i fu#king luv ittt 😀

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