KIDNEY, ANYONE? Deep Yayoi “Sakura” Barrels

Yayoi Sakura 02

The Yayoi “sakura” wheel has long been considered the holy grail of vintage Japanese barrels. Now, a never-used ultra-deep set can be yours for the low, low price of — pinky to mouth — one million yen ($10,000 USD). 

Yayoi Sakura 03

A seller on Yahoo Japan Auctions has a set of staggered cherry blossoms in the common RWD Toyota and Nissan 4 x 114.3 lug pattern. Normally, 14 x 10 -36 offset fronts would be crazy deep already, but in this case they are absolutely dwarfed by 14 x 12 -61 rears.

Yayoi Sakura 01

The rears even come with a set of old school Dunlop racing slicks already stretch mounted. Should you be too impatient for the six days till the end of the auction or if you’d rather secure your purchase before some pompadour’ed bosozoku swoops you, you can buy it now for a mere $12,000.

via Hightopfade.

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12 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? Deep Yayoi “Sakura” Barrels

  1. Lupus says:

    I would need to sell my car and all my TV/Audio stuff from my house in order to buy them… But still i want them. Just to have’em, not for putting on car. 😉

  2. Gene says:

    If I had the moolah I’d buy them, then just display them in my living room so my friends and visitors could drool and gawk at them. 🙂

  3. 2JZ-GTE_MX73 says:

    Perhaps one of the wheel manufacturers would be wise to create something similar (a.k.a. knock-offs) so I can a) afford to put them on my car; b) risk damage from actuallyt driving on the street.

  4. jivecom says:

    where i live they’d be replaced with a pair of cinderblocks even if i put them in a big safe. i’d just open it one day and find a little stack of cinder blocks

    i hope anyone who steals a wheel off a car gets a really painful death

    • ErikFM says:

      The bank is going to have a terrible time explaining how cinderblocks appeared in a safe deposit box.

      A large safe deposit box.

  5. Nigel says:

    Don’t have $12,000 to buy these now.
    But I do have a set in 1/24 so that’s ok.

  6. Tyler says:

    I’d settle for the Rota reps for now… although I personally would rather rock Hayashi Streets on my current car.

  7. Sideglide says:

    These kinds of auctions are pretty cool, but mostly for show. Guys will post up rare parts with really a “I don’t want to sell” price mearly for bragging purposes. Everyone’s comments are exactly what people in Japan are doing too, and that’s what the seller wants. You can find old J-tin on YJ at ¥9,999,999 ($99,999) that have no right at that selling price but it is either to show off an amazing build or rare parts on a car.

    I wonder if someone put up the money if they would sell, or the seller would just deny the bid. Either way, we get a chance to see some cool parts and history. Now if only the Run-Free guy would start posting his wacky Yahoo Auction posts again…

    • cesariojpn says:

      eBay allows sellers to cancel auctions with bids after the fact for asinine reasons. I’ve had several manga lots pulled out from under me cause the seller “punched in the wrong price” and one porn magazine best offer yanked from me cause the idiot seller didn’t notice that part of my terms for my best offer was “$XX.00 bid, with Free Shipping.”

      Of course I reported them. I can (slightly) understand if it got damaged, but just because my bid didn’t satisfy you? **** morons……

  8. Dave says:

    Never used? I’d settle for replicas, but these are fun to look at and contemplate…

  9. benji says:

    i thought you could still get the yayoi new?

    custom order and expensive but new none the less…

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