Kidney, Anyone? Datsun 610 Bluebird Van

After seeing all the sexy Datsun 610s at this year’s JCCS, Matt went shopping on YJA and found this 1975 Nissan Bluebird 610 Van. These babies are rare, even in Japan, and the odo indicates it’s hauled just 62,000km (or 38,525 miles).

Beneath the slight clearcoat peel of the hood lies an L16 with Solex 40 PII carbs, electric dizzy and Mitsuba fuel pump, headers and exhaust. Best of all, it’s all hooked up to an S130 Fairlady Z 5-speed!

The stance comes courtesy of a combo of hakosuka pillow mounts and kenmeri camber adapters, and AE86 short stroke shocks. Tires and wheels are 175/60 on 7×13 front, 185/60 on 8.5×13 rear. The owner admits to a small spot of cancer on rear of the left rocker panel and some small tears in the interior, but the dash remains uncracked. If you want this goon, then you’ll have to bid at least Ā„301,000, or US$3,537 at our lousy exchange rate, shipping not included.

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6 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Datsun 610 Bluebird Van

  1. Nigel says:

    If I had a garage and $6000 this car would be sold !!

  2. TommyJ says:

    Lets see its either this, or my apartment after the semester ends….

  3. J.Ramirez says:


    How much rarer are those 810 Wagons though?


  4. Brad D. says:

    ok, so who has experience shipping a car from Japan?? I think I could find something there that would make me a very happy JNC owner!

  5. J.Ramirez says:

    These guys import anything! šŸ˜‰

    Ask for Rick…

  6. Tyler says:

    Neat, but I was hoping van meant panel van, which would be incomprehensible win.

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