Kidney, Anyone? Bellatrix Yellow 1967 Toyota 2000GT

Hang on to your organs. This one might cost a kidney, lung and an eyeball or two. You all know the rarity of the Toyota 2000GT, but here is one of 62 originally sold in the US. What’s more, Bellatrix Yellow is not only one of the prettiest 2000GT colors, but one of the rarest as well. According to the seller, who purchased it from a Japanese collector that had brought the US-sold LHD car to Japan years ago, it’s immaculate in every way. Asking price? $375,000. For those who keep track of such things, the serial number is MF10-10147. Find it on

In 1999, we saw a Bellatrix Yellow car on eBay (possibly the same one?). We contacted the seller, who told us the reserve was a cool $150,000. Alas, it appears we’ve missed our chance to get one at a bargain price. Stupid concern for internal organs.

Hat tip to Erik L. and grndfx.

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8 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Bellatrix Yellow 1967 Toyota 2000GT

  1. Eljay says:

    The almost scary thing is;I don’t find $375 000 the least bit steep!

  2. Hakosuka says:

    what I would give to have that car…

  3. Rick R. says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I think i saw this same Toyota 2000GT at the Port of Long Beach a few months ago when I went to pick up my RHD Supra. This car is pretty much immaculate! I think I stared at it for a good hour or so!

  4. madfaber says:

    I saw this on and contacted the gentleman selling to see if he actualy WOULD accept my kidney as payment, he said no but, he was in the market for a new liver.

  5. mister k says:

    meh. get a ’70 240z in a similar condition and color and actually enjoy the car (and save you got $350k leftover to buy whatever organ you need)

  6. Alan says:




    Euro-snobbery is rampant on that site. I love it but constantly find myself defending desirable and exotic J-tin to the prima donnas.

    mister k,

    we all love 240s but the 2000GT is in another league mechanically, aesthetically and historically.

  7. Lincoln Stax says:

    Ben, I’ve learned long ago to ignore the comments to any news story posted online. Those comments only prove how ignorant people are (says the guy posting a comment to an online news story.) See? I just proved my point.

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