Kidney, Anyone? Actual J-Tin Toyota Crowns

asahi tin toyota crown s30 1960 - brown 01Forget Tomicas and Choro-Qs, those are nice toys but the real money’s in J-Tin. No, not that J-tin, but actual toy cars from the 60s made of real tinplate. Most have friction motors inside that can move the car if you rev it up a little.

They go for big money among toy collectors, as demonstrated by these S30-generation Toyopet Crowns made by Asahi and Bandai. Seriously, even the “low” end $3800 is more than the combined cost of service, parts and the car itself for our daily driver JNC wagon. We’re not sure how rare these Crowns actually are, and although four figure price tags are by no means uncommon, these are the highest amounts we’ve seen on a tin toy. More pics after the jump.

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4 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Actual J-Tin Toyota Crowns

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Somebody contact BBC’s Antiques Roadshow! πŸ™‚

  2. 810-again says:

    Asking $4800 for something and actually getiing it are two different things…………..

  3. toyotageek says:

    Drool… πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen these go for $900 to $1500 here in the US, but I know they go for a lot more in Japan.

  4. toyotageek says:

    On Yahoo Japan Auctions right now…

    Tin toy for 380,000 yen

    Real thing for 300,000 yen

    Which would you rather buy?
    LOL, as much as I love collecting minicars, in this case I’d rather spend it on the real thing.

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