Kidney, Anyone? 7700-Mile Toyota Celica, Kenmeri Skyline, and Gurachan Mazda RX-7


How many kidneys does a human body have, anyway? We’re car nuts, not doctors. Anyway, here’s a trio of interesting finds that crossed our paths over the long weekend.

First up, a kenmeri Nissan Skyline GT-R clone from Bring A Trailer, done up in tasteful vintage-style racing livery. It was brought in by a La Jolla, California luxury car dealership that tossed it around the track a few times. BAT attracts a more, shall we say, traditional vintage car enthusiast, and the resulting comments are, um, interesting.


Next, a very pretty 7720-mile 1977 Toyota Celica RA29 liftback on eBay. Claimed to be one of the mythical OOOL cars (One-Owner Old Lady), it can be yours for just $4500. A nice price, considering that the 6900-mile Honda CR-X HF sold for $5855.  Though it does beg the question, how much did the seller pay that OOOL?


And finally, something planted firmly in the WTF category. This ankle-chopping gurachan-style Mazda RX-7 was spotted on by our friends at Retro Classics. Question: can it still be considered gurachan if the car was clearly inspired by the American IMSA series RX-7? (Cover car in JNC Issue 3, by the way!) Perhaps imusa would be more fitting.

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10 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 7700-Mile Toyota Celica, Kenmeri Skyline, and Gurachan Mazda RX-7

  1. Zechs says:

    I really love the RA29!
    I wish my TA28 was in that state when I bought it,
    Almost considerd buying the RA29, to bad the shipping and import costs are very high here in the Netherlands.

    So indeed kidney anyone?!

  2. bert says:

    I checked out BAT and I find it amazing how so many so called “traditionalists” who think they know everything can just make up facts about things they don’t know! The classic JDM car scene is getting pretty big now and theres a lot of information on the web, If you don’t know something look it up! (reference to the guy who asked” Who be Ken and Mary?”) I have been a big fan of classic japanese cars for years, but there were things I didn’t know until I found JNC. I still don’t know everything, but I’m not going to tell somebody what I think is fact when it probably isn’t. This is how the whole Goertz thing started!

  3. bert says:

    P.S. That RX7 would be great for shoveling snow here in Washington!

  4. That front lip would last about 50 feet in New England. Before it got caught in a pot hole and flipped the car end over end. Haha.

  5. Ben says:

    Very well said, Bert. Some of their comments also seem to have a certain disdain for the car, simply because of the badge it wears.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Love the factory CB radio in the Celica – Nothing like the 70’s.

  7. bert says:

    Bring a Trailer also posted a 77 Celica with an S2000 motor for sale that a bunch of people are picking on. There are several references to how the japanese stole the styling from the early Camaro! There are also complaints that the asking price is to high for a car with ” a lack of cathcet” and ” not investment grade”. Tell that to the guy selling it who put lots of time and hard earned dollars into his pride and joy! I’ll bet when he’s throwing that thing around a windy road or beating the snot out of the Camaro who was laughing at him at the stoplight, he’s measuring his cars worth by the pure AWESOMENESS factor and not what some snobby guy in finicky european brick thinks of it!

    • Ben says:

      Thanks again, bert. I hadn’t seen the comments about the S2000-engined Celica but what you described reflects perfectly why we have so much work to do to bring respect to cars like the Celica.

  8. bert says:

    I think I spelled cachet wrong!

  9. Zukiru says:

    “JDM fanboys” I resemb… I mean resent that comment… 🙂

    luv the 7!!! somebody’s got balls!

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