Kidney, Anyone? 6900-Mile Honda CR-X HF

honda_cr-x_01The debate about 1984’s most significant debut may not be resolved yet but no one can deny the impact of the first-gen Honda CR-X.

Launched in ’84, it was a nimble two-door based on the Civic platform. Its versatility would be exemplified in 1985 with the sport-minded Si (godfather to a whole new tuning culture) and the HF (for “High Fuel efficiency”). This is the latter, a mint 1986 Honda CR-X HF on eBay from Minnesota that has only 6950 miles on the clock! It’s an alleged Old Lady Car from Minnesota but according to the auction it’s “never seen snow.”

Still, the temperature changes seem to have taken their toll on the horn, hatch struts and exhaust. Those are minor problems, however. Overall, it looks darned cherry and, let’s see… at 50mpg city / 67 highway and an approximately 8-gallon tank, it’s seen only 14 gas stations in its whole life!

More pics after the jump.

Thanks to Ken W. for the tip!

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3 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 6900-Mile Honda CR-X HF

  1. boyee says:

    And two oil changes per 3,000 mile interval lol? Unless it was changed every 4-6 months regardless of miles haha!

  2. vballin says:

    wow, it never ceases to amaze me when someone finds one of these gems out there. This one deserves to be scooped up by Honda corporate and put in their museum!

  3. Brooks says:

    vballin: Speaking of having such cars in museums, though, I’m reminded of a decade ago when the Towe Ford Museum was auctioning off excess inventory. Someone got a 1971 Ford Pinto — about 10 miles on the odometer, delivered directly from the factory to the museum and kept there since then, never even titled — for $4100. Not J-tin, nor probably nearly as good on quality, but historically a rather similar little car in many ways.

    (And someone else got a 1970 Maverick — the V8 “Grabber” edition; a nice sleeper musclecar — in equivalent condition for only $3900.)

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