Kidney, Anyone? 48km AE86

Found in Belgium by Larry Chen of Speedhunters. Owner wishes to remain anonymous. Smart man.

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5 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 48km AE86

  1. Kevin Goody says:

    i know why the owner wishes to remain anonymous cuz every hachiroku otaku whould be at his door

  2. Smetje says:

    Anyone knows this guy? I’m from Belgium and would love to see this car!!

  3. Tyler says:

    Why the hell would you buy it and never drive it? Strange.

    • vah! says:

      Because there are plenty to other AE85/6s to drive. If it was not for this car, where else would you see an example showing you what one looks like when new? Not all enthusiasts drive cars. Some enjoy them in other ways.

  4. wala says:

    Well think of a die cast 1:16 scale models, this time 1:1 scale, 100% original high detail. 😉

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