KIDNEY, ANYONE? 4,000-mile Honda Accord

01_1981 Honda Accord LX

How much is a brand new Honda Accord LX hatchback worth? $21,000 and counting, apparently. Listed for sale in Annville, Pennsylvania, the Hampstead Green 1981 example is quite possibly the lowest mileage first-gen Accord in the country that is not in a museum somewhere. It has just 4,651 miles on the clock. 

According to the auction, it was purchased new at Rudy Luther Honda in Hopkins, Minnesota, located within three miles of the buyer’s house. It was then sold in 2007 with 1,998 miles and only 1,600 or so were added since. Everything is claimed to be working perfectly, and even the tag imploring you to read the optional stereo’s operating instructions still hangs from the tuning knob. Its matching green velour remains uncrushed by human butt.

08_1981 Honda Accord LX

The car could easily sell itself, but the seller still annoys with his grating “put a red bow on it, add a box of chocolates, and this jade jewel is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift” sales pitch. Typically, adding a 36-year-old car that you can’t drive for fear of adding miles to the household is grounds for divorce.

Anyway, if you’re looking to fast-track a dissolution of your marriage this Valentine’s Day, or just happen to be with a very understanding partner that loves first-gen Accords, you have three days to add your bid to the 21 existing clicks. Check out the auction on eBay.

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11 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 4,000-mile Honda Accord

  1. Brad D. says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. But I am 99% sure this was the car that was n display at the AACA museum two years ago for the Motoring Mysteries of the Far East display.

  2. Scotty G says:

    Ha, grating.. isn’t that the truth! Why do sellers always have to add slicky things like that to ads? Do not tell me how rare the car is, do not tell me that “from what you’ve been told”, do not tell me that a certain car is rising in value and you’d better act quickly.. “BUT WAIT, BUY THIS CAR IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES AND WE’LL GIVE YOU TWO MINT, HONDA ACCORDS!” (just pay separate shipping and handling fees)

    This sure is a great looking car, but just think what first-year Accord would be worth if it were similarly equipped! (i.e., with a manual)

  3. nthuzis1 says:

    Any idea on how the miles were kept so low? I mean I have a ’00 Subaru Forester with 280k miles that I love driving more than any other vehicle I own. I plan to keep on driving it to the wheels fall off. I never could understand how some vehicles that owners obviously love could have miles so low!!

    • Scotty G says:

      Nice work, nthuzis 1!!
      My ’97 Outback has 337,000 miles and counting. With a little maintenance they’ll last for a long time. Like you, I also love driving the Outback more than any vehicle that I own or have ever owned, including my present TT ALMS coupe, Crosstrek, and Prius (no-brainer there) and former BMW 5-series wagon and 3-series coupe. In the winter, you can’t beat a Subaru without traction control for driving pleasure! (as in, steering with your right foot) (sorry, I’m a huge Subaru guy)

      • Reggie says:

        That makes two of us Scotty G. I’m a big Subaru guy as well.I’m planning on passing Sue (that’s her name) down to my 16 yr. old daughter who loves Subie’s now as well. What’s next? My head says ’15 Outback 3.6r.My heart says ’14 WRX Sti hatchback.

    • cesariojpn says:

      Probably a car driven to the supermarket and back home within a 5 mile radius by some old lady.

      If thats the case, i’d want proof a complete teardown of the engine and exhaust system was done recently. Short stints like that will cause a ton of mechanical headaches.

  4. John M says:

    This one hits home for me. I rocked the exact same car in high school circa 1989. Not only did I have Ds on my report card, but I also had Kool Moe Dee and EPMD on my mixtape. I don’t remember those door speakers, but I had home audio speakers on the rear deck that would Bring the Noise.

    My car was often packed with teens, occasionally airborne, a couple times deep in the mud, and always reliable. It basically seemed indestructible. At that time, my phone had a cord rather than a camera, so I don’t think I have even one pic, but lots of memories. Thanks for posting.

  5. Ant says:

    I can’t see one of these Accords without thinking of The Simpsons…

    “My ‘H’ has been stolen! Oh! That’s how people know it’s a Honda! What’s the point of having a Honda if you can’t show it off?!”…

  6. Kuroneko says:

    There must be a secret stash of these somewhere. Here’s another:

    Same year, color, condition, and kms… Neko

  7. Ken says:

    I owned this car from 2007 until 2015. I bought it from the widow of the original owner in Minnesota and drove it back to PA, almost doubling the mileage. It ran great on the original tires and probably most of the original fluids. It really is in amazing shape for a car that just sat for most of its life. But what do you do with it? It is too nice to drive. So I sold it to a “collector” to help fund my never ending S600 project.
    I did offer it to the Ohio Honda museum for a fraction of the current auction, but they turned it down. Said they had completed their “acquisition stage”.
    I still have my daily driver 81 Accord with 130,000 miles. That one is a DX model and actually drives better without the power steering that came on the LX. Plus it has an 8track player!

  8. Randy says:

    “I just got this 35-year-old Honda for my wife!”

    “Good trade!”


    Seriously nice! Dunno about the price, though, someone said Japanese cars were going up in value… Something about “. . . auction prices affecting JNCs.”

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