Kidney, Anyone? 33,00-Mile Datsun B210

Like the Toyota Crown from last week, this 1976 Datsun B210 was kept well and out of the public eye for most of its life, accruing only 33,161 miles since it rolled out of the factory. And like the Crown, it seems to have exchanged hands only a few weeks before suddenly being thrown on to eBay by a seller primarily interested in Detroit iron. Obviously, Japanese nostalgics are increasing in value, but let’s hope not all of these gems are going to be flipped for a quick buck.

Having said that, though the sunny yellow hue is original in color if not actual paint molecules, the sheen of this Sunny’s black vinyl is just as shiny as the chrome bumpers. In other words, you are not likely to find another example of this quintessential 70s economy car in better condition. At the time of this writing, the high bid of 5,100 is still not enough to make the seller part with this rare specimen.

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12 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 33,00-Mile Datsun B210

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    i saw a couple of this in malaysia, id didnt know how it originally looked like as most of the tail lamps dissapeared or gets replaced over the years

  2. Tyler says:

    Very nice. Too bad about the transmission, though.

    Gotta love the color!

  3. Bonzi Lon says:

    I’ve lusted for a B210 since they first came out, and I don’t know why. This is one pretty girl.

    Thanks for ignighting an old flame.

  4. 80Celica says:

    What a babe! Im even a bit envious about the dial reading a top of 120 mph versus my Celica’s 80 mph! Wow! cool find!

    Actually, I dont mind the flipping of these cars, it just means interest is high, these cars ending in scrap yards is sad!

    Just saying.

  5. Matt says:

    I wonder if this is the same 112 “Yellow” that appeared on the Z car? Very cool car though, even with the automatic.

    The flipping is a fact of life, and it’s nice the car will go to someone (ultimately) that will be a real custodian of that bit of history, however it would be awesome as an enthusiasts to catch the car before it got out into the real marketplace at the price it will bear.

  6. Jyap says:

    There are actually still quite a number of this running around in Malaysia although sedans. The coupes like these are rarely seen around. b210’s and b310’s can be bought for like 300 – 1200 bucks (USD). I have a friend thats driving one, he inherited the car from his mom and fixed it up. According to him, he’s got the higher spec version with the tail lamps being bigger and slightly different from the ordinary one…

  7. w says:

    These were always the worst Datsun of that era. Absolute shit -well documented by most motor journalists of the 70’s. Why youd give a kidney for such a pile of crap when you could sell your organs for thousands is beyond me.

    Can we get a poll on this site to find the average age of visitors? I got a theory.

  8. Chris says:

    W, shouldn’t you be fixing your Chevy Cavalier or moaning the loss of Pontiac or whatever the hell it is you domestic car fanboys do with your shit?

  9. Don says:

    My wife had a B-210 for many years. It was a very reliable and economical car. But, it was so noisy that you could not have a conversation between front and back seat occupants. It really was a dreadful car due to the noise. Honda cars are so quiet that I would never consider a Nissan product, even a new one.

  10. w says:

    Domestic US cars are even worse. My daily is a BMW thank you. My toy is an RX-2

  11. Droid says:

    What a car. When I was in high school my mom gave me her 1977 Datsun b210 hatchback in the 80s. It got me around everywhere. We could not afford a better car for me. Now I am a doctor and have owned S class Mercedes and 7 series Bmws, but how I look so frondly upon my first car. How I wish I could drive her again. I was a liitle ashamed of the car. My friends all had new cars. How naive was I. I would like to drive her once again.

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