KIDNEY, ANYONE? 25,000-mile Chrysler Conquest for $9,995

1986 Chrysler Conquest

Don’t have $65,000 to shell out for an AE86, but still want a pristine Bubble Economy RWD sports coupe? This unmolested 1986 Chrysler Conquest can be had for $55,000 less!

With just 25,000 miles on the clock, the original owner has kept this rebadged Mitsubishi Starion garaged and meticulously maintained inside and out. With original factory black paint and no cracks on the leather interior, this 80s flagship deserves further preservation. Perhaps you can save it from a V8 swap or a pole wrapping. See it on Craigslist San Francisco.

Thanks to The Black CRX for the tip.

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10 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 25,000-mile Chrysler Conquest for $9,995

  1. invinciblejets says:

    Seriously my favorite 80s jnc

    Everything about them is perfect….

  2. Greylopht says:

    Passed this on to a friend of mine. He is pondering it for his collection.

  3. Randy says:

    AWESOME car! I agree 100% with invinciblejets. All I need is about 10-grand, and a place to put it.

    Had an ’85 Dodge Conquest Technica (narrowbody/no intercooler/digital everything, and it talked) that I LOVED. One of my truly STOOOOOOPIDER moves was trading it in, instead of just BUYING the next car… Of course I think it was the ’85 626 (LX/5-sp/sunroof) that I traded for IT, so how freakin’ stupid am I?

    From comments I’ve read on this site, I’m hoping one of y’all here buys it! It deserves a good home.

  4. Bart says:

    Like I said, they’re out there!!

    Someday, I will find a 25,000 miles 1986 Isuzu Trooper turbo diesel and nearly get divorced over it. 😉

  5. Tim says:

    A local used car dealership has a Chrysler Conquest with less than 30,000 original miles. Unfortunately, it’s automatic and he wants $13,000 for it.

  6. matt says:

    these went for $18k in ’86
    so $38k adjusted for inflation


  7. E-AT_me says:

    Mitsubishi; Build one of these again. Y’know. if you don’t want to die.

  8. DerrickS says:

    Too bad it’s an 86. With the low mileage, that’s maybe not an issue to worry about, but the later cars had better computers and some other nice upgrades that are really desirable.

    Still beautiful though…

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