KIDNEY, ANYONE? 25,000-mile 1974 Mazda RX-4

Here’s another garage gem for east coasters JNCers. A seller near Philadelphia is unloading a 25,000-mile 1974 Mazda RX-4, and it’s a beaut. We’ve long contended that the pre-facelift big Luce coupe was one of the sexiest cars from its era. Add what appears to be a gorgeous period Iris Blue paint job with white interior and you’ve got a real stunner. Although we could do without the white vinyl top, door ding guards and US-spec bumper extenders, this car is rare enough that beggars can’t be choosers. 

The car was parked in 1990 when its rotary blew an apex seal, but the current owner has since rebuilt the motor and carbs. The seller claims everything else is original, right down to the “Japanese air in the tires.” We’d wouldn’t bet our lives on that last one, but regardless, unlike most RX-4s we’ve seen for sale this one appears to be a manual to boot. The asking price is $14,000, but that’s a small price to pay for a time machine, is it not? View the ad on craigslist.

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11 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 25,000-mile 1974 Mazda RX-4

  1. james says:

    I wish I had 14K right now. Besides the Savanna RX-7, I always wanted the Luce.

  2. john says:

    That vinyl top is a real chubby killer…

  3. Victor says:

    I found this today during my Craigslist searches… I was hoping to keep it onthe DL. oh well

  4. Aaron says:

    It’s unfair that vintage cars in like condition go to the highest bidder….

    I think we should all act like adults and fight to the death over them, to give everyone a fair chance, just saying

  5. xs10shl says:

    I emailed and called they guy 8 days ago and got no response. Car is undoubtedly sold, so it’s safe to say it was worth the price, perhaps more.

  6. Tyler says:

    That is gorgeous, vinyl top and all. Just makes it more of a time machine, knowmsayin?

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