Kidney, Anyone? 2500-mile 1982 Toyota Starlet

Who says the northeast doesn’t have any nostalgic treasures? The spectre of oxidization may loom large, but that just guarantees that when a specimen emerges, it’ll be a low-mileage garaged beauty. Unlike the $500 finds from SoCal whose odometers have rolled around the ol’ 00000 God knows how many times, this Vermont Starlet can still be considered a virgin with just 2500 on the clock. And unlike the over-tanned Los Angeles examples, this one still has an uncracked dash and wears its original, classy black-and-red interior. And unlike the 12,000-mile 280ZX we saw last week, this RWD baby rows her own gears.

It seems as if the seller has received a smokin’ offer too, because the auction has ended early. Was the opening bid of $3200 too conservative? In any case, even if this car disappears into some eccentric hermit’s private collection, we will at least have the images below the fold as reference in case anyone wants to do a proper restoration of a 1982 Toyota Starlet.

[via BringATrailer] Hat tip to Ed M.

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5 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 2500-mile 1982 Toyota Starlet

  1. Chris says:

    Does Toyota continuously buy cars for their collection? Do they just keep a car or two when it’s built and keep it all these years in storage? How do they get their collection? A car like this would easily be worthy for their museum.

  2. Kevin Lee says:

    thats a very very clean starlet, cant find this anywhere!

  3. Nigel says:

    Was anything else found in the “time capsule” the Starlet came from ??
    Like maybe a Celica or Corolla !?!
    This is why having a spare $10,000 is important.

  4. TommyJ says:

    It sold? Darn, I just bought ice, a cooler, a X-acto knife, and some ether.

  5. Parrot says:

    How many damn kidneys do you think I have!

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