Kidney, Anyone? 2274-Mile 1968 Toyota Corona RT52 Hardtop

Remember that 8700-mile ’66 Toyota Corona that sold for $16000 in 2007, and then again for $32000 in 2009 with the addition of just one more mile? Well if there’s ever another that could top it, it’s this 1968 RT52 Hardtop Coupe with only 2,274 original miles! It’s a black plate California car from Fresno that has had two owners, the first of which installed an aftermarket air conditioning system. We know, we know, that means it’s not 100 percent original, but this shovelnose makes up for it by being manual shift and having two fewer doors. Care to put in your guesses for the sale price? Find the ad here.

Hat tip to 91ma70.

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9 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 2274-Mile 1968 Toyota Corona RT52 Hardtop

  1. Zak says:

    I saw that car in Vegas when I saw it in May it looked beat up for having low miles still a nice car thou

    • Tony C Newson says:

      Hey I have a 1968 RT52 and my question is how many numbers are in your vin# i have with the 52 i have 7 is that right

  2. bert says:

    Zak- Just cause a car has low miles doesn’t mean it’s had an easy life. If I were a car I would consider storage to be the closest thing to prison as a car can get! The title should read- After forty years in storage, 68 Toyota finally released- can’t handle society, drives self into lake!

  3. moominsean says:

    looks like it’s been reupholstered…

  4. DerrickS says:

    How about the Z432 on bring a trailer instead. Sorry, I can’t get it out of my head…

  5. Tyler says:

    As thrilled as I am to see these cars here, I can’t get over the supremely shitty Photoshop job.

  6. blue says:

    rather than aftermarket id say the air conditioner is period correct.

  7. Rafael caldero says:

    whats? the best toyota swap engine for a 68 toyota corona sport coupe 2dr rt52 with ac

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