Kidney, Anyone? 1983 Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo RS-X 50th Anniversary Edition

Get your ¥400 toll charge ready because it’s time to get on the Shuto. This week’s temptation in black market organ trading is a 1983 Nissan Skyline RS-X Turbo. But wait, there’s more. This two-tone beauty a isn’t just a regular DR30, it’s a 50th Anniversary limited edition celebrating Nissan’s half-century in the car business.

The special edition bonus items are purely cosmetic yet still noteworthy — special badging, high-touch moquette interior (the red inserts in the door panels) and chrome-plated door mirrors (eat your heart out, Audi).

It comes with a load of goodies from top Japanese tuners such as HKS, Blitz, Greddy and Buddy Club, plus those sexy Longchamp XR4s sitting under custom over-fenders.

Best of all, the car has already been brought to the US and registered in New Jersey by a serviceman who was stationed in Japan. The clock reads only 27,000km (16,777 miles). It’s currently on eBay for $24,000, a BuyItNow of $28,500, or maybe you can email the owner at to work out your own deal.

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10 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1983 Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo RS-X 50th Anniversary Edition

  1. Nigel says:

    Dreamcar, want, no more kidneys left…

  2. Mo says:

    i wonder if he will take a soul?

  3. Tofuik says:

    If only I could get that, I’d never need another car in my life.

  4. bigtoepfer says:

    ^^you will if that motor breaks and you can’t find parts LOL.

    It is beautiful tho, no doubt. And the price seems reasonable given the cars rarity.

  5. TA22GTz says:

    absolutely stunning and beautiful

  6. shaun says:

    uny, outonnauct o yjj f o oese exact same cars but it had some nice ssr mesh on it instead.

  7. sherwin says:


  8. Benny_Blanco says:

    Nice car, but he’d be lucky to get $12,000 for it. If he got a buy now of 28,500… I’d put mine on the market haha

  9. Smith Frenzy says:

    ¥400 for Shutoko? Try ¥700!

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