Kidney, Anyone? 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II

1972 toyota corona mark II rt73l 01This baby blue beaut of a Toyota Corona Mark II is the mintiest we’ve ever spotted. The odometer reads 16,041 miles and the condition seems to corroborate that story. The door jambs could be licked. The trunk mat is as flat as Kansas. According to the seller, everything works, every square millimeter of paint is original, and it has never seen snow or salt.

The Corona Mark II was a more luxurious, slightly stretched version of the more common RT40 barikan Corona. It’s still powered by a four-cylinder 18R-C, but it eventually became its own model a few generations later, when the “Corona” was dropped and it simply became the “Mark II.” It’s the Cressida’s great-granddaddy.

Interestingly, the auction description says it’s part of a Youngstown, Ohio collection being trimmed, which begs the question: what’s in the rest of the collection?

More delicious photos after the jump.

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25 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II

  1. Zechs says:

    Hi guys,

    I understand the engine in the corona of the picture is a 18R-G?
    Well hate to say it but looks like a 18R to me.



  2. banpei says:

    @Zechs: On the ebay acution page there is a photograph with the engine identifying itself as an 18R-C. 😉
    I would still like to sell my kidney for this one though. 😀

  3. seventhskyline says:

    Yeah an 18R-G has like heaps more camshafts*.

    *slight exaggeration.

  4. qdseeker says:

    There’s an older man that works down the street from me that has one of these. He drives it everyday to work, too. Told me when he got his divorce, the main items were the Corona MKII and the house. He got an apartment. Lolol.

  5. John M says:

    Who owns these cars and keeps them in such condition? I can understand an expensive car being maintained to this standard, but an economy car is amazing.

  6. bert says:

    This thing is beutiful! But i’m kinda wondering how this body style would look with the front end off of a 74 markII SSS. It’s still has the quad headlights but without the wierd angles and a sportier look. Maybe I’m just speaking blasphemy or something! Please don’t throw bricks through my window!!

  7. gary says:

    dam…. i had one of those. oh man… that is nice. mine was alright but nothing close to that! nice post.

  8. bert says:

    I actually saw a picture of what I was talking about later, and I got the year wrong is all!

  9. Jovet Cruz says:

    Nice! I think I have this in 1/64 scale by Tomytech in TLV Series. =)

  10. bert says:

    Bring a trailer just posted this on their site, sorry but a little late boys, you saw it on JNC first!!!

  11. Mikee Fujiwara says:

    its just only a 18R

  12. ben b says:

    Hey my name is ben, Im in Kansas City, I have a ’71 corona mark II, looking for parts, can anyone help

  13. BartoLO lEON says:

    Hello my name is Bartolo Leon Im from Bradenton Florida . I have 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II Station Wagon .Looking for part [Tail Light] can enyone help me.

  14. Ed says:

    I have a Jan 1970 corona mark II wagon (looks like 68-69). I’m the second owner want to sell it or maybe part it out,trade? It has everything og plates, optional clock, roofrack, ac unit,radio, all original windows, 20r motor conversion needs tranny.currently registered

  15. Maria says:

    Hello everyone!!! I have a 1972 toyota corona sedan i was wondering were can i get more information on it or even parts… thanks

  16. Mark says:

    I need the embeyls

  17. Mark says:

    I need the embeyls for the MKll station wagon

  18. tony says:


  19. Farhan Al-Onazi says:

    Iam from Saudi Arabia and I saw this car and Iam glad to hear from you if you wish to sell it please contact me on my friend Email (
    Thank you…

  20. Ben says:

    I have a 1970 corona mark II, looking for parts, can you direct me to any?

  21. Ed Sankey says:

    I had one of those as my first car & beat the snot out of it. I wish I still had it today!

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