Kidney, Anyone? 1972 Mazda Luce 1800

A number of alert readers informed us of this ultra-rare 1972 Mazda 1800 sedan over the weekend. For those well versed in JDM Hiroshima steel will recognize this as the pre-rotary Mazda Luce, one generation before the 13B made it the RX-4. UPDATE: More photos and info from the owner below. 

This competitor to the Nissan Cedric and Toyota Corona Mark II was designed at Bertone by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro. Giugiaro would go on to pen the 1960 BMW 2000CS, which practically defined the Bavarian automaker’s style until the 1990s. You can see some 2000CS in the Luce, especially in the C-pillar.

As the name implies, it’s powered by the later 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine, which succeeded the Luce’s original 1.5 unit. Additional cooling for the 1.8 mandated the vents on the hood, which many purists felt did an injustice to its lines. According to Wackypedia, this is one of 100 1972 models and one of 2,178 total sold in the US from 1970-72 (and an additional 2,576 wagons sold from 1970-71).

It appears to be in excellently kept and very complete. Find it on Craigslist in Maple Valley, Washington for the low, low price of $4000.

UPDATE: Straight from the owner, Gordon’s, keyboard:

No one has ever smoked in the car, the interior is in new condition with the only thing being that the woman that owned before me wore high heals and tore up the driver side carpet no one ever sat in the back seat untill 2000 when I purchased the car and only my grandson has been in the back seat, no adults and no car seats.

The car has looks of options and i have the original window sticker, jack, owners manual, spare tire, wheel blocks, etc if there is enough interest I could send a copy of the window sticker also.

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27 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1972 Mazda Luce 1800

  1. alveen says:

    i have one in the exact same condition here in surrey bc canada with original 40,000 miles.just missing the hub caps.iam asking $3000 for alveen at [778] 322 7862.alveen with the RETRO NISSAN 240/610

    • Gordon Stone says:

      I am curious , does yours have the hood scoop side pods and is it painted C4 Cruz silver? I also know where you can get hub caps. I am the owner of this 1800

  2. Tyler says:

    WOW! One of the best looking Mazda sedans.

  3. Toy_yoda says:

    Your welcome, JNC for the Ad/Auction post. I was surprised to see this in my area as I check the CL listings almost everyday…

  4. dave says:

    $4k!? I LOVE these! The ad is gone, maybe sold?

    • Ben says:

      We received photos from the owner last night and responded asking whether the car was sold. Waiting for the reply.

    • Ben says:

      From the owner: someone has put a hold on it

      • James says:

        I’m primarily a Datsun roadster fan but purchased the Luce because of it’s classic look and similarity to the Bavaria. My plan was to do a mild restomod, but restorer’s opinion is that the suspension will be difficult to mod and that the car is too nice to modify. Car currently in Corvallis, OR. My primary interest now is to get the car to a true Luce fan that knows and will preserve the car.

  5. alveen says:

    i hve the same hood wit the front scoop but not the silver one on the sides.actually seeing all yr pix here,yrs looks owesome shud be sold with no a old school collector and i try to sell my toys wenever im n need of cash to buy another one.i have a mint 1973 MAZDA 808 4 door.looking for a rear bumper.same 42,000 original miles.

  6. john m says:

    this is the same car featured on Bring A Trailer three years ago

  7. Nick says:

    I can’t believe this is ONLY $4000!! unbelieveable!

  8. Gordon Stone says:

    The Car has sold, the new owner will be picking it up on monday. It Looks like the car will now be shown at the JCCS after it gets a little TLC, doesn’t need much. I will miss this car, it has provided lots of introductions over the years due to its uniqueness. I hope to make it to the JCCS once it is ready to be shown as this is what I always wanted to do is show the car as I believe it is one of a kind. No one has ever shown me a picture of one with the factory installed side pod hood scoops or in Cruz silver. This was the dealerships show car in 1972.
    One last thing, the market actually is better for this car but it started out @ 10,000.00 in 2005 and $4000.00 is the price I finally had to drop to for it to sell.

  9. Bob says:

    What is the purpose of that passenger side hood lump? I presume it’s something US emissions related like the trio of hoodscoops on US spec Rover P6s (which had removable/replaceable “Summer” and “winter” blockoff plates for the underside).

    I’m just wondering, my ’71 1800 doesn’t have that scoop.

  10. Bob says:

    Wait, the scoops are on BOTH sides of the stamped in scoop. Hmm.

    Still want to know their purpose. 😆 I’m betting it’s similar to the P6 though-

    • Gordon Stone says:

      Believe it or not those are phony, just for looks, and i believe this is the only one that had them. At least it is the only one I have ever seen. I asked a dealer in germany that restored one about them and the slots down the back window pillar. They all have the slots in the window pillar but he too had never seen the dual hood scoop side pods on a Luce’. It does have a winter summer switch on the air intake. 😉

  11. dave says:

    4k is such a deal on this gorgeous car. I wish I could’ve bought it. Hope the next owner takes good care of if and shows it off a lot.

  12. does anyone has any contact of gordon stone or if mr stone is reading this,can you kindly call me at 778 322 restoring my mazda 1800 right is all primered and ready for paint in a day ot two.all im missing is all the 4 hub caps to make this car a real trying to take it to the “ALL JAPANESE IMPORT SHOW N SHINE” in vancouver bc which will be held sometimes in april i guess

  13. JD AUTOMOTIVE says:

    I’m restoring a late 1972 1800 just like this one.
    The bonnet bulge and covers on the bonnet serve a purpose and isn’t present on all 1800, just a small number of later 1800’s.
    It seems that after sharing info with other enthusiasts around the world in a Facebook page that it was assumed the bonnet covers were only for looks.
    The bonnet on mine is bulging just on the left side. It accommodates a Nikki downdraft carby. Earlier 1800 models had SU side draft carbie that fit without the bonnet being modified at factory.
    My 1800 has a VB motor with a nikki carbie.. So there must have been a small cross over between technologies and the bonnet was modified on this small roll out to accomodate.
    The Facebook group of enthusiasts from around the world is called ‘Mazda Luce (1800, 1500 & R130) 1966-1973’ feel free to join us!

  14. Thadiya says:

    Hi guys need to find some parts, windshield front and rear rubber and chrome trims hub caps

  15. Hola hola necesito accesorios para este modelo de carro mazda 1800

  16. Gay Car Nut Tacoma Washington says:

    Beautiful looking car. I’ve heard of the Mazda Luce, and I’ve seen pics over the years of the Mazda 1800, but I’ve never seen one in person.

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