Kidney, Anyone? 1971 Dodge Colt

1971_dodge_colt_mitsubishi_galant3Just look at this pristine interior! It looks like you could lick it and still get the taste of brand new vinyl on your tongue. It belongs to a cream puff 1971 Dodge Colt, aka Mitsubishi Colt Galant, found in an ad on Bring A Trailer. It’s a California blue plate special and was found during a San Diego estate liquidation. There are only 39,722 original miles and the asking price is a kidney-saving $3500. According to the ad, the owner wants to take it to Concours d’Lemons, but we think it’d make a much better entrant at the JCCS!

More pics after the jump. 1971_dodge_colt_mitsubishi_galant1



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8 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1971 Dodge Colt

  1. colink says:

    that is a beautifull car

  2. DIASISS says:

    I think that Mitsubishi made cars far superior than this{especially in looks!}…Id love to read about a Starion/Conquest TSI,80s Galant lol,or maybe even a 1990-1993 3000GT…now those cars make an impression! What would Mitsubishi be without the widebody Starion,FTO,3000GT,Galant or Diamante…

  3. Bob says:

    That is a sharp machine, and a rarity. Hope someone snatches it up and takes care of it.

  4. slickwrick says:

    i own a dodge colt same year as thisone cept this ones alot better. way better!!!
    yes mod def a jccs entrant!!!!

    diasiss is funny!!!
    far superior than this?


    this here is nuthin bt japanese tin on wheels!!!

    the legends of rally and road!!

    someone please save this colt!!!!!!

  5. migz808 says:

    It is an insult for anyone to think this one should be at the Concours d’Lemons. $3500 is too much for this IMO.

  6. MIKE POPA says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m the one that bought this car, and I am trully enjoing it.


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