KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1968 Toyota 2000GT for just under $1 million

1968 Toyota 2000GT 01

The 2000GT marketwatch continues with car number 101, which is currently being offered for $995,000 in La Jolla, California. Although this example was originally a US-market model, it has the uniqueness of having lived in Japan for many years. Having been tuned, fiddled with and slightly personalized in the Japanese environment, it’s almost a true JDM 2000GT with LHD being the only difference. 

1968 Toyota 2000GT 04

It’s not 100 percent original, but it does have a bunch of Japanese touches throughout. It appears the motor has been massaged a little as it has the addition of a catch can breather system. We’d ditch the red oil cap, but the red plug wires we can live with. The magnesium wheels could use some Mothers mag polish.

1968 Toyota 2000GT 03

The wood on the dash may have been replaced because it’s a slighly different color than the console, but the interior especially carpet is absolutely mint. Overall, it’s a good typical Japanese restoration with correct color trim. Many non-Japanese restos never paint the headlight buckets black, and the taillight bezels are the correct finish. Fender mirrors seem to be later model all-gray examples, but at least they haven’t been shaved or replaced by sketchy ones.

1968 Toyota 2000GT 02

Its life in Japan also means that its service items such as plug wires, wiper blades, oil filter and other miscellaneous items likely JDM. It even has Japanese-market Bridgestone Sneaker tires. That makes it quite unique, as very few true JDM 2000GTs have left Japan. See the listing on Anamera.

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15 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1968 Toyota 2000GT for just under $1 million

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Not 100% original? Crack Pipe price.

  2. dankan says:

    Looks at bank account… *sigh*

  3. Bart says:

    I think white is the best color for this car.

  4. CHINO says:

    I’d rather buy two LFAs for $1,000,000; One to beat on and the other to save for 30 years with 0 miles to see what it does at an auction 🙂

    • Big Mike Muniz says:

      Chino, as good as the LFA is (even though the GTR is better), the 2000GT will only increase in value since it was considered the 1st Japanese made Supercar. I’d take the 2000GT anyday…Of course I’ve alwys been partial to old school J-tin’s…

    • dankan says:

      I dunno. It didn’t get the love and support it deserved when new, and I don’t see how it will suddenly acquire that support later. In 30 years, I wonder what will be considered more desirable; a 1992 NSX Type-R or an LFA Nurburgring Edition?

  5. John says:

    meh, the steering wheel is on the wrong side to be a real JDM. Good if you live in the USA I suppose. What’s with the story with the extended rear bumper bars, they look ridiculous.

  6. Socarboy says:

    “Kidney”…how ’bout an arm, a leg, and a left (you know what) as well! The primo JNC.

  7. Max says:

    Don’t forget the fact that around 60/340 (less than 20%) of all 2000gts ever produced were imported into the USA. So all of a sudden, that LHD seems pretty rare, and probably worth more. Don’t get all high and mighty on your JDM horses without knowing the facts first, eh boys?

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