KIDNEY, ANYONE? 19,000-mile Datsun 510 in rare factory black

1971 Datsun 510 black

Blame it on being too successful a race car, but it’s hard to find an unmolested Datsun 510 these days. Most owners seem intent on turning them into rat rods, BRE replicas or flat-out hoonmobiles with smog-exempt SR20s. To paraphrase Seinfeld, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we hope this 1971 Datsun 510 goes to a collector.

1971 Datsun 510 black red int

You see, not only does this 510 have just one family in its ownership history, not only does it have merely 19,000 miles on the odometer, and not only is it mint, but it comes in exceedingly rare factory black paint. We’re not sure how many 510s were painted black, but we do know that this is only the second one we’ve ever seen.

1971 Datsun 510 black rear

If you are familiar with Japanese cars, you’ll know that black was a color usually reserved for luxury cars like the Toyota Crown, Prince Gloria, or the Century/President/Debonair trio of VIP sleds. Rarely would a Bluebird-class car be painted black. Combined with a deep red interior that still has plastic wrapping on the rear door panels, it appears to have had luxury pretensions.

1971 Datsun 510 black red int2Many of its not-so-stock looking items, like its bumper guards, Clarion sound system and Kelsey wheels (an American knockoff of British Rostyle wheels found on MGs and Capris), were period dealer add-ons. According to the seller, the only things that have been replaced are the battery, some rubber parts, and a 4-speed transmission that replaced the one damaged when the owner drove it cross-country after it had been sitting too long.

Regardless, it seems like a solid buy at a $7,950 asking price. Supposedly the owner has already received 40 offers. Maybe you can be number 41. The car is located in Ogden, Utah. See the original ad at Bring A Trailer.

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16 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 19,000-mile Datsun 510 in rare factory black

  1. cesariojpn says:

    $5 says it will be chopped up. Originality be dammed.

  2. pstar says:

    That’s a fine specimen. Anybody who bought it to do some idiotic BRE/SR20 “build” would be criminally stupid.

    That price is more than fair. Compare that car to a 19,000 mile 2011 Accent or Civic or Sentra, etc.

    I have to think it’ll go to someone who will appreciate the condition and act as a conservator, rather than some wannabe “builder”.

  3. Dave says:

    Things like that plastic wrap on the door panel blows me away. If I buy a car like this, what would I do with that? Can’t tear it out. $7950 is a bargain, and a car like this needs to be preserved.

  4. ErikFM says:

    Oh my god I am salivating.

    I feel like Indiana Jones right now:


    You only see this type of stuff in Nostalgic Hero magazines. Crazy. Maybe because it’s in Utah and not in California.

  5. miatadon says:

    Time-capsule Japanese cars are so rare that even a 4-door 510 is a jewel. Japanese cars were viewed as throwaway cars so very few are left that are low-mileage and pristine. Also, because they didn’t break down all the time, they got used. Used a lot, and ultimately worn out.
    I have four old Japanese cars that are in great shape, borderline time-capsule cars. I never see other cars like mine on the road, which makes me think that my cars are unusual survivors.

  6. Nigel says:

    Just needs fog lamps and a pine tree air freshener.

  7. Andrew says:

    $7,950 for a mint 510? This has to be the BEST value for money I’ve seen in a while!

  8. invinciblejets says:

    Wow amazing price I wish I could get it though I’d want it to stay stock.

  9. xs10shl says:

    I was one of the 40. The seller sent a blanket email to the losers that several had offered more money, and they got to continue the buying process. Just based on demand, I’d guess they ended up at closer to $10k. We’ll likely see it again at either a show or for sale at a dealer.

  10. MRXAE86 says:

    Awww, already sold….

  11. yoda says:

    Was this the first “Kidney, anyone?” car all year that wasn’t besmirched with a slushbox?

  12. dan says:

    Hmm…this thing isnt preserved, obviously restored. That plastic on the rear doors is not the original, if you want to see original ill take pics and show what it SHOULD look like, would also be slightly discolored and not have that ruffling to it. Also with that low of milage, i have paper work from Art Hughes 510 being awarded in the 90’s as one of the lowest milage 510’s in the usa…where was this one? Im not trying to be a hater, its a beautiful car, but i want pics of the color code plate under the hood. Ive seen a few trying to pass off restored cars as preserved 510’s, so when you own a preserved 510 kind of gets on your nerves a lil bit. Beautiful 510 though, whoever got it i would love to do a photoshoot with even if it is restored, stock 4 door auto and stick together would make a great photo shoot.

  13. dan says:

    Also if you look on bring a trailer with more pics of the car, there is a pic that shows rock chips which slightly more than a 19k mile car should have, talks about the tranny being replaced, im sorry 4 speeds were near bulletproof, unless all lubricant leaked out tranny should of been fine even going across country several times. And then there is a picture that shows damage under the bumper, and as others pointed out, you see blue robins egg blue paint. As me and a few others kind of talked about, was most likely restored in the 90’s, then went into storage, and now that 510’s are getting uber popular and going up in price, person put it up for sale. Also alot of those upgrades like the wheels were NOT a dealer option, probally bought the wheels new and asked dealer to put them on…the 240 wheel….another thing that he would of had to order in parts department to put on, does not make it a dealer option. This is a nice car, and worth the price. But the price is another thing, if it was 19k, rare black, all this…why did he not get it appraised? mine is appraised at around 30k by 2 sources, 1 appraiser, another a popular datsun builder in california, if this things history was true then any normal person would of had it appraised, not put it up for 7k obo and start a private bidding war. Like i said this is a beautiful 510, at a hell of a price. But to many inconsistencies, not enough proof, and lied about history. I hate people that are dishonest about a cars history, just to try and get more money out of it. Also the paint code sticker and other stickers in the engine bay are placed incorectly, they are not lined up right, so seems they were re-placed after the car was most likely re painted black in the 90s. Black was a rare color since only around 10 a year that color made, but it was mostly reserved for 2 doors, not wagons, and not 4 doors. Im going with my gut on this, and others have seen the issues to. Non the less, i do hope whoever gets thsi car leaves her as is, even if the history is a lie, and shes not originally black, its still a very beautifull one owner 510, she should have the damage under the bumper fixed, and if needed a re-spray to fix the other imperfections you see in close up pictures (since they used the 5 feet away beauty pics) and then left as is, because restored or not, shes a prime example of how a 510 should be.

  14. Gho5ty says:

    I think its a nice datto but its definitly not unrestored,my first impresion was the straightness of the body and finish on the paint and panels,datsuns were never that straight or glossy. And your right about the gearbox,to kill a steal case 4 speed you would need to dump the oil and fill it with sand and rocks,then do ten trips across the country,my bet is when the resto was done the owner forgot to put oil in the box and chewed out a couple syncros,the steering wheel and the carpet aint factory

    • dan says:

      Yep, people are lieing more and more about low milage 510’s latetly because their worth a good price tag it seems, ive seen several pop out with under 20k that magically just pop into existence…so people are rolling and calling original miles, or rolling them back by hand, and it ticks me off, as i own a TRUE preserved NOT RESTORED 510, but it makes people looka t me and go…are u lieing..? or hey yours isnt as low milage or preserved as this yada yada one thats most likely a lie. Just annoying, its all because 510’s are getting rarer, and more collectible that people are trying to get money, and you make more money on original and low miles, and most people think its easy to lie about a 40+ year old 510 that no ones really going to know the difference on. Just love how some people are in the world. Also as someone stated (cant remember if i said before) you can definatly see blue paint under the black in the pic on bring a trailer where it shows damage. Just sucks this car is a lie. Theres a dealer in victoria with a 510 thats been up there for years thats preserved like mine, but they say it has like 18k on it…but its missing the part on the dash for the early model automatics that were on the colum, which shows the dash was most likely taken apart. My car has everything documented and was awarded in the 90’s as one of the lowest recorded milage 510’s in the usa and canada, so its funny when these new magical under 50k 510’s just pop into existance. I just hate liars, it ruins the history of a car when its been lied about.

  15. kade says:

    im interested in this car and i also live in ogden was wandering if i could stop by one day and check it out

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