KIDNEY, ANYONE? 15k-mile Toyota Celica All-Trac

The Toyota Celica All-Trac is often overshadowed by its AE86, MR2 and Supra siblings. However, the all-wheel-drive, turbocharged, and rally-inspired sports coupe was just as important a pillar for Toyota’s lineup of “Fun to Drive” machines in the 1980s. Now, what is quite possibly the cleanest example left in the country, with only 15,476 miles on the odometer, is up for sale.

If this car looks familiar to JNC readers, that’s because we featured it in a JCCS Spotlight story last year. It belongs to Joseph DeMeo, a car collector more accustomed to showing Lamborghinis at concours events. And while an in-person examination is always recommended, the car appeared to be in immaculate condition when we saw it last year.

His all-original All-Trac is just about flawless, and puts the average slammed Corolla to shame. Yet, when we talked to him last year he was still pointing out “flaws” that the average mortal would need a jeweler’s loop to see. In other words, this car is about as close to showroom condition as an All-Trac can be.

The Celica All-Trac, known as the Celica GT-Four in Japan, came with the first generation of Toyota’s legendary 3S-GTE turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, producing 190 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque. In the four years it competed in the World Rally Championship, from 1988-91, it racked up 31 podium finishes and 10 firsts. Notably, Carlos Sainz claimed the 1990 WRC Drivers Championship behind the wheel of a Celica GT-Four.

According to the listing, recent maintenance items include new tires, a new battery, and the all-important timing belt replacement. Documentation includes the original window sticker, all purchase forms, and all service records since new. The asking price is $25,000, but that’s just a tad above the $22,863 it cost new, and that was in 1988 dollars. If you’re interested, the full auction is on Craigslist Los Angeles.

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4 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 15k-mile Toyota Celica All-Trac

  1. Speedie says:

    From Massachusetts to Montana to California. This car may not have run an actual rally but it has certainly covered the distance of one. It’s great to see how well it was maintained.

  2. Ant says:

    Joseph has looked after it beautifully, but I do hope the next owner enjoys its abilities as well as its originality.

  3. bryan kitsune says:

    Probably my biggest regret (car-wise anyway) is selling my ’88 All-Trac back in 2005. It certainly wasn’t this clean, but was rust free, and could shine up pretty nicely. If I remember right had a ST185 head (the rest of the engine was 165), I put a ST185 RC intercooler in it, and some various other bits and pieces/mods. Loved it. So much fun on the back gravel roads in rural Ohio. Also did some snow drifting around the back of my old elementary school parking lot. It was so well behaved. Made a really stupid choice to sell it based on an ex-girlfriend. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


  4. VITOR DAVID says:

    I own a st165. That i should drive more than what i do.
    but yesterday i washed it early in the morning and flushed the radiator (already got a new aluminium radiator on the mail), And went for a spin on it. It drives so good
    Its fully stocked sometimes i think about changing the rims and put something more flashy

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