KIDNEY, ANYONE? 13,000-mile Honda CRX

1987 Honda CRX 02

It’s impossible to find an unmolested Honda CRX, you say? Make that almost impossible, because a unicorn just showed up in El Cajon, California. It has zero things in common with the Toyota Century Ben just posted, except for its astounding odometer reading.

1987 Honda CRX 04

This 1987 example of Honda’s game-changing pocket-rocket has only 13,787 miles on it and period correct California sunset plates. The CRX is also one of the JNCs on the radar of mainstream collectors, so you’d better grab it quick.

1987 Honda CRX 05

Its automatic transmission is likely what kept it from being snapped up by an aspiring hoon. Swap a 5-speed and detract from its originality, or cast collectability to the wind and make it fun to drive?

1987 Honda CRX 07

The asking price is $6,500, which seems more than reasonable for a rare machine that’s just passed the break-in period. See it on craigslist San Diego.

via BringATrailer.

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8 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 13,000-mile Honda CRX

  1. Tyler says:

    I like how both transmission options you guys provide mean swapping out the autotragic.

    Although, that paint scheme and the wheels are so ugly I’d have to pass even if I were looking for a perfect CRX. Looks like an 80’s vacuum cleaner. Even straight red (my least favorite color) would be preferable to this appliance wannabe.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    i’d buy it, leave it as is. enjoy it for what it is.

  3. Cirespeed says:

    I like it, simple, clean, like a weekend car, I have 212k miles on 98 civic, if this thing only has 13k, this think would last forever. Good price for a great jnc

  4. Dave says:

    $6500 is a bargain! This is a gorgeous car, and I love those wheels! I want it!

  5. acbpanda says:

    Looks nice, hope somebody buys it and keeps it the way it is.

  6. Rovert says:

    I’d so B18C that CRX, tastefully lower it and give it some modern rubber on those own wheels.

  7. SRA says:

    That’s pretty sweet, but I was just logging in here for a “kidney anyone?” entry for a 2nd gen, and very arguably superior example. This one is also white, but no one can argue it’s beauty. I also have a low mileage second gen (a blue HF) so I like to see these listings of unmolested examples:

  8. JasonR says:

    Those wheels are from a 1985.5-1987 Prelude Si. Interesting choice, but anything looks better than the ’86-’87 ‘aero’ wheel covers (also used on the Civic 4-door sedan for ’86-’87). I had a red ’85 CRX (1.5) 5-speed manual in high school and my girlfriend had a blue ’85 CRX 3-speed automatic. The CRX should never have been made with an automatic, IMO.

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