Toyota Land Cruiser body panels are here to help you rebuild an FJ40

One of the surest signs a car has become a classic is when an aftermarket company begins to offer body panels for it. At the SEMA Show this year, we stumbled upon a outfit making replica body panels for nearly every surface of the FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser. In theory, if you bought them all you could recreate the your dream 4×4 with brand new rust-free sheetmetal.

The company’s full name is Jiangsu Juncheng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. and is located in China. Their catalog shows an extensive portfolio of panels for the FJ40, from the grille to the doors to the roof. They’ve even got you covered when it comes to common rust areas like the curved rear quarters, wheel wells, and rocker panels.

They even sell a version where much of the tub has been assembled. According to a quick search on Chinese websites, the entire tub sells for $2,000 to $3,000 USD. Doors sell for around $250 USD. That’s a tremendous deal, considering most clean or restored FJ40s sell for around $50,000 and a similar tub for a 1969 Camaro costs about $13,000. It looks like the complete kit is available for $11,000 shipped.

There isn’t a ton of information on the company’s website, but it appears they also make a “cab” verison for an FJ45 pickup. They began the FJ40 catalog in 2021 and quickly built up enough pieces to remake an entire Land Cruiser if you have a frame and a welder. Given the number of diamond plate-clad FJ40s we’ve seen out there, this company should be doing plenty of business.

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6 Responses to Toyota Land Cruiser body panels are here to help you rebuild an FJ40

  1. Daniel P says:

    Interested what the reaction will be from the LC community. Remember reading how they looked down on the quality of the South American Land Cruisers because they were inferior to the ones assembled at Araco. I would imagine they would perceive this as an inferior chinese knockoff.

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Now to get some glass!

  3. James Rideout says:

    How do I get a catalogue for 1981 bj 42 ?

  4. Ram says:

    i need body panels or complete body for BJ40 1977 toyota lancruser
    02 96007406

  5. William Nall says:


    Any follow up info on
    I can’t seem to create an account in order to view pricing/enter items into a cart.
    Are any US distributors using there products, with success?

    Thank you WP Nall

  6. David Knight says:

    I need a roof and door silss for a 1965 fj45v

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