JNC Vintage Barrels II T-Shirt

Ever since we released our original Vintage Barrels T-shirt, the suggestions have been flowing for a second design. So without further ado, we are proud to present JNC‘s Vintage Barrels II T-shirt! We’ll debut the new threads at Toyotafest this weekend, so be sure to stop by the booth. Can you name all the rims?

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12 Responses to JNC Vintage Barrels II T-Shirt

  1. kpgc10 says:

    So here we go:Bilbo,Crossline,SSR MK1,Impul,Work Equipe and who knows more?

  2. Nigel says:

    I see Advan disk or (dish), and TRD Tosco’s… Toms (something or other).

  3. gred says:

    enkei aerodinamics are there too 😀

  4. Tyler says:

    I can only name the 92’s, if that’s what they are lol. Stunning design. Are we offering these in different ink colors and putting them for sale online?

  5. joe says:

    Brilliant. I’d buy one.

  6. SK says:

    What are the ones second from the top on the left?

  7. ProTree says:

    when are you guys gonna have this up in the store? thanks

  8. Ben Piff says:

    Cannot wait to get one of these, just fantastic.

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