JNC Theater: Comedians in Cosmo Getting Coffee ‘n More

Mazda Cosmo Sport - Jerry Seinfeld Margaret Cho Comedians Cars Coffee

The latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee just aired, featuring a 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport and Margaret Cho. Is there rhyme or reason to the pairing? Well, both are very unique, bold, and challenge established conventions. Watch the episode to find out more about why the Cosmo — the beautiful example from the Malamut Automotive Museum — is the perfect car for Margaret.

You may not get much technical stuff out of it, but the sound of the 10A and the sight of the Cosmo putting around the streets of Los Angeles, along with some interesting and very insightful conversations between the two comedians, make it well worth it. Perhaps this was the inspiration for Kramer’s secretive first name?

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2 Responses to JNC Theater: Comedians in Cosmo Getting Coffee ‘n More

  1. Mark Newton-John says:

    “That’s my hubcap!”
    Good thing he noticed. “HEY! Where’s the hubcap, Jerry?”

  2. Mr. Midori says:

    Great episode!

    However, it’s RIDICULOUS that Cho had to essentially APOLOGIZE for being a comedian!!! Offending people is practically in the job description.

    America has gone sooo soft it’s pathetic. Can you imagine what would happen if you asked Pryor or Carlin to apologize for ANYTHING they said???

    It’s even sadder that Seinfeld (a fellow comedian) condoned that patronizing act of self-induced shame.

    If she offended the crowd at a St. Jude’s children’s hospital benefit…that’d be one thing. Instead she’s crucified by adults at an adult venue…in the land of “free speech”!

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