JNC THEATER: A Datsun 510 episode of Wheeler Dealers

It’s been a while since we mentioned Wheeler Dealers (is the show any good since Edd China left?) but tonight’s feature car is something that piqued our interest. It’s a Datsun 510, that seemingly had hopes of being a BRE tribute car at one point. 

The preview shows some drummed up drama between Mike and the new guy, but we’ll be curious to see how it comes together in the end. Catch it tonight on Velocity Channel.

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8 Responses to JNC THEATER: A Datsun 510 episode of Wheeler Dealers

  1. Mattallac says:

    All though jdm legends has tons of eye candy , I thought wheeler dealers did a great job on the technical fixes that an old Japanese car need to survive .

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Edd China has a pilot out for a new show of his. He fixes up a VW Golf GTI in Norway.

  3. Gary Tubesing says:

    It was/is a good show. Yeah, we miss Edd too, but Ant ain’t that bad. He makes it all look so easy, though.

    • The Wise One says:

      Yeah, too bad he’d always get sabotaged by that Jack-O-Lantern headed cheapskate.

      He’s better off, man.

  4. David Garcia says:

    I quit watching after Ed China left watching him work on stuff was the only reason I watched the show.

  5. KiKiIchiBan says:

    I’ve not seen this one yet, but Ant is a good guy, I’ve met him before and he took the time to chat shit with me.
    If you can get For The Love of Cars, watch it.

  6. Michael Jue says:

    Actually watched this episode due to the content. Second time watched with Ant and while I didn’t like him in the earlier episode, he’s not bad. Edd left because they wouldn’t allow the in-depth tech he went into on his repairs/builds and yes, Ant seems to glaze over some of the really difficult stuff. Not his fault though (producers different direction) so I’ll go back to watching the show where content dictates (cars I’m at least half interested in.)

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