JNC “RWD Toyota” shirts will debut at Toyotafest this weekend

Three letters — RWD. That says it all for the shirt we’re debuting at Toyotafest this Saturday, May 5. The lightweight rear-wheel-drive sport coupe is the magic formula that made us fall in love with old school Japanese cars in the first place, and after a decade-long absence it will return to the automotive world when the Scion FR-S arrives at dealers next week.

To celebrate, our new JNC RWD Toyota design features the Americanized Toyota 86 and the cars it drew on for inspiration — the Sports 800 for its FR boxer layout,  the 2000GT for its Nozaki arc, the hachiroku for its namesake, and the TE27 for originating the affordable twin-cam Toyota.

The design works from a distance, where “RWD” in bold letters draws the eye. Those well-versed in automotive lingo will get it right away. Up close, the words “light,” “quick,” and agile describe what makes these cars the stuff of driving dreams. We used only rear 3/4 views to emphasize the driven wheels, and they’re charging straight into the owner’s heart. 

JNC RWD Toyota will debut first to Toyotafest attendees in Long Beach, California this weekend. It will be black ink on gray 100% cotton with the JNC sleeve logo in yellow. Sizes ranging from S to 2XL and as always, they will be available in the JNC shop after the show.


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12 Responses to JNC “RWD Toyota” shirts will debut at Toyotafest this weekend

  1. Nigel says:

    The shirt is very cool.
    (What shocked me was, it is already Toyotafest time).
    I miss my Corolla !

  2. Jeff Koch says:

    I will be there, manning the diecast car sales booth once again.

    Are you making 3x/4x sizes yet, for us fat bastards who love old-school Japan cars but aren’t shaped like old-school Japan drivers?

    • Brad D. says:

      Jeff, do you have a die cast store online? Not being from Cali I always see people talking about getting stuff from you, would love to see what you have.

    • william ryan says:

      can you tell me do they make any rwd starlet models,kp60 or kp61s,really am a big fan but cant find them,thanks

  3. Nelson says:


  4. Kevin T says:

    Freakin nice!

  5. Steve says:

    I’ll be there and getting a pair (of shirts). One for the gf. I hope Toyota brings an FR-S for display; I missed the LA Auto show last year…

  6. Jesse says:

    Error:404 mr2 not found.

  7. Freddy says:

    No RWD 80’s Celica?! =[..Still buying it though!

  8. Andre says:

    No love for the proper FFs?

    • Ben says:

      We do love our FFs around here. CR-X, FX-16, Cherry, etc… but the biggest news in a decade is Toyota’s return to RWD sports cars. We’ll show more FF love soon 🙂

  9. JAY48 says:

    What, no xE7x’s?
    Still, I’d buy it, I love my RWD Corolla wagon!

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