JNC Magazine Price Change

5yencoinHello JNCers, just a quick announcement about the magazine. Starting July 1, prices are going up. Mostly it has to do with the increasing cost of paper, and the fact that we set our introductory prices very low because we were asking you to take a plunge into the unknown with us.

It’s not going to be a huge change, something you could easily recover by making a few less trips to the vending machine or by following our gas saving tips. This is only for new subscribers. Current subscribers will see no change. But we wanted to inform you anyway so all the lurkers and procrastinators out there could have one last chance to get in on the good deal. Thanks for understanding and thanks for supporting us!

Team JNC

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7 Responses to JNC Magazine Price Change

  1. S30ZK says:

    Still cheaper than flying to Japan! Keep it going.

  2. leongsoon says:

    I’ve already paid for a year’s subscription, so how do I pay the balance, or will it be deducted automatically thru paypal?

  3. Ben says:

    Sorry for the confusion. People who have already subscribed at current rates will see no change whatsoever. This is only for new subscriptions. I’ll make the post more clear. Thanks!

  4. leongsoon says:

    Oh goody, it pays to be an early bird, for once! Now, if only that magazine will come into my mailbox now…

  5. colinknowles says:

    I think the magazine is what this scene needs and is well worth the money, top job keep up the good work

  6. KurumaOtaku says:

    So how much more will it cost?

  7. Ben says:

    The price for US subscriptions will be $14.99

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