JNC is now on DriveTribe


Japanese Nostalgic Car has created a DriveTribe thingy. The social network created by ex-Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond may be the next big thing, or it may fizzle out dramatically. We’re not quite sure what the point of it all is, but we are there. And we narrowly beat out the Jensen-Nash Collectors to get the “JNC” three-letter code. So come on an join our tribe. There are, you know, pictures of old Japanese cars and stuff.

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11 Responses to JNC is now on DriveTribe

  1. Jim says:

    AAAAghh……… you’re really gonna make me join that book of faces thing one way or another aren’tcha Kev ?!?

  2. James says:

    I love everything you all do here at JNC. It is everything that Clarkson and Top Gear never was. JNC is actually about cars, the history of those cars and the people who love, restore and celebrate them. It’s fun and informative and I read every article. Not more or less a British variety show with guest stars where they make jokes that require a studio audience so you know when to laugh while standing around in jeans and blazers with some driving stuff thrown in that feels like if Animal Planet were charged with making a car show for Good Morning America. Anyway, rant over, the pics and video up there are cool but I just don’t feel like joining anything he’s got a hand in.

  3. Mark Newton-John says:

    Well, complain all you want, Top Gear was THE auto show no one else could touch. Very entertaining, and unlike ALL the American car magazines, it wasn’t a BMW/Honda love fest.

  4. Nakazoto says:

    If it provides a place for us Isuzu fans to get together and post nothing but pictures of Belletts, 117 Coupes, Piazzas and the like, then it’s a total success in my book!

  5. John Moran says:

    Haven’t checked it out yet but really hope there is one for Nissans that is A Tribe Called Quest.

  6. ACSK says:

    I really want to join, but for some reason DriveTribe is a social networking platform that requires you to be a member of another social networking platform, thus ostracizing a certain percentage of car aficionados who either cannot or do not wish to use Facebook. Quite disappointing, really.

  7. Yella81celica says:

    Is there no other way to sign in besides FB?

    I’m not a fan of having ALL MY accounts linked together. I like separate logins.

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