We are just back from the Big Apple and the New York International Auto Show. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much news about nostalgics, like Detroit had with the 1974 Safari Rally Lancer, but here’s a few blurbs about some cars that owe a lot to their predecessors:

Honda revealed the last (at least for the AP1 chassis) and latest in its abbreviated line of S-cars, the S2000 CR which stands for Club Racer. Limited to only 2000 units, the lightened and tightened version of high-revving roadster comes with a quicker steering ratio, tweaked suspension, no a/c or radio in the base version, chassis stiffening, and functional but garish aero parts. The Honda accessories aluminum hardtop comes standard; gone is the motorized softtop. The US-only edition will has no engine mods, but will come in 4 colors, the Apex Blue on the show car being exclusive to the CR.

Toyota had on display their 50th Anniversary Toyota Camry Hybrid, celebrating the marque’s half century in the States, which comes with a Blizzard White paint scheme and 16″ wheels unique to the special edition.

Nissan showed a gorgeous example of the latest NISMO-tuned 350Z, replete with special suspension tuning, aero parts, chassis stiffening, wheels and elongated nose. Four colors – red, silver, black and white – from the standard palette will be available. No engine mods on this on either, but a NISMO exhaust will surely accentuate the already hearty exhaust note.

Nissan’s upscale brand Infiniti took the wraps off the next generation Skyline coupe, or G37 in American-speak. Naturally, the car looks beautiful and the extra 0.2 liters will give it an estimated 330hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

And that about does it. Rain fell incessantly during Day 1, a condition not at all remedied by the leaky roof of the Javits Center. Audi looked as if plastic buckets of water would play a key role in their 2007 lineup. Speaking of leaks, how many New York Subway stations smell like urine? Answer: All of them.

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