JNC In Japan: Day 7

Alas, our journey to Japan has come to an end. This morning we packed up our 10,000 lbs of brochures, some low down springs for the Cressida wagon, and 500 mystery boxes into Satoshi’s lowered 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed and headed out to Narita Airport.

The road to Narita.

Before we part, let’s take a look at his van’s endearing but typical excesses of Japanese badging.

Here’s the first pic we took waaay back on Day 1. From left to right, it says “Mitsubishi”, “Delica” and “Space Gear”. Fine. We’ve got the make, model, and sub-model established.

On the B-pillar a small badge tells the world this is no mere base trim specimen, but a “Super Exceed”.

As mentioned before, this cruiser has five sunroofs, one of which is causing much glare in this photo, but trust us, the label says “Crystal Lite Roof”.

On the rear flanks, the engine is identified as a “24 Valve V6 3000”.

However, this plethora of badging would not be complete without one last item. Here’s Ben and Dan vandalizing the Space Gear with a JNC sticker.

JNC representin’ Tokyo!

Sayonara, Tokyo, it’s been a blast. Thanks to all our friends, old and new, for showing us around and guiding us through nostalgic car heaven! Jya-ne… For all you JNC readers, we’ll see you stateside.

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4 Responses to JNC In Japan: Day 7

  1. toyotageek says:

    Domo Arrigatou! I can’t wait to read your full review of this trip. Looks like you guys really had a blast and saw some good stuff! Welcome home!

  2. redma61 says:

    wow that looked like alot of fun!!
    and you got to meet satoshi.
    i was in japan almost a year ago and i was talking to him about where to go
    and about car meets.
    since hes a fellow celica xx owner i was hopeing to see his xx
    but the timeing wasnt very good
    im sure i’ll meet him when i go back this year

  3. Jnostalgics says:

    Thanks for the welcome, Mike.

    redma61, I think we know a different Satoshi… ours doesn’t own a Celica XX, unless he sold it. But say hi to yours for us and show us some pics of his Double X!

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